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Ted Cruz Mocked in German in the Ultimate Slapstick, Picasso’s Wealthy Legacy Staggers and Ali’s Under the Microscope

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BY // 03.12.16

Our editors are a diverse lot and are constantly perusing a long and broad list of publications and sites. Fashion? Art? Architecture? Culinary studies? Semantics? In What We’re Reading, PaperCity shares the wealth.

Picasso did not leave a will when he died. That is not surprising, in a way. What he did leave behind was a staggering number of works, more than 45,000 in all. Click here for a fascinating account of the Spanish genius’ legacy. Here’s one brief excerpt from the Vanity Fair article. “If Picasso were alive today,” Marc Blondeau, a prominent Geneva dealer and former head of Sotheby’s France, told me, “He would be one of the 10 wealthiest men in the world.”

Creative writing programs face their share of criticism, including claims that the writing produced in then all starts to sound the same. I disagree, to a certain extent. No matter, because we now have a the definitive answer.

Ali. Great fighter, great man, and a constant source of fascination for writers. Why is that? Read this for one take on the situation.

Miles Davis could certainly play his horn, and did he ever look stylish doing so. Take a look at some of his ensembles, and then listen to Birth of the Cool.

Finally, Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If not, you will want to after learning what Backpfeifengesicht means. (Ted Cruz fans, get ready.)

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