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The Craziest Scenes From Texas’ Insane Heat Wave

Inside a Meltdown — 25 Unbelievable Shots of a Savage Summer

BY // 07.24.18

All across Texas, people are feeling hot, hot, hot. It’s burning up here, hot as blue blazes with lows in the 80s and highs we don’t even want to talk about. Allow us to go on the record — we want no part of this record Texas heat.

The thermometer reads up to 120 in parts of Southwest Texas.

Opening the weather app is no longer no sweat. It’s an act we dread. But hey, we need to know just how hot it is so we can plan wardrobe changes for every time we peel ourselves out of our cars’ leather seats. It’s to the point where 105 now feels like a blessing, a cool breeze across our faces.

Davy Crockett may have said “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.” Now, it seems like they may be one and the same.

You could say it’s the Meltdown, Down South. But people are finding ways to cope, even if walking across a parking lot feels like a stroll inside a blowdryer.  The rising temps have given rise to hilarious memes and tweets alike.

It’s the polar opposite of Icepocalypse, but we can weather this weather. Let’s just hold on until we can wave goodbye to this heat wave.



November’s not that far off… right?

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