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There’s An App For That?

BY Whitney Radley // 01.21.15

Airfare-alert prowess, sample-sale savvy and an encyclopedic knowledge of happy-hour deals are all essential for the price-conscious. But shopping online is like the Wild Wild West, leaving you overwhelmed and trigger happy — an unfortunate combo that leads to buyer’s remorse. Meet Worth It, the app created by Houston wealth manager turned entrepreneur Jason Kaminsky, who, being determined to find the best deal on a baby stroller, developed an algorithm to help shoppers like himself save time and money. A few years and a couple of mobile app updates later, Worth It now works better than ever. In the market for snacks, stilettos or even a sofa? Worth It does the legwork, pulling data from thousands of other online stores to aggregate the lowest prices and the most reputable retailers. The app allows users to search for a specific product and select the price they are willing to pay; a recently added “explore” feature appeals to the window shoppers among us. See something you like? Just tag it, and a push notification instantaneously alerts you when the price is right. Download the app for free on the iTunes store, or visit www.worthit.co to browse from your desktop.

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