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Texas Travel Files — The Cove at Atlantis, Bahamas

One of the Property’s Most Luxurious Towers Offers an Adult-Friendly Oasis in the Mega-Resort

BY // 10.29.21

A few months after the reopening of the Bahamas mega-resort, we visited The Cove, a luxurious 600-room tower and one of the most high-end options within the Atlantis.


At a Glance

When most people think of the Atlantis, they envision the iconic pink tower at the heart of the resort: The Royal. The grandiose building is home to Nobu, the casino, the James Bond bridge, and a collection of intimidatingly-high water slides. But for those who prefer a bit of remove from kid paradise, The Cove offers a peaceful, stylish oasis to enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas. A guest room at The Cove also earns you access (via the resort’s prime currency: a wristband) to an adults-only pool and some truly great food courtesy of Sip Sip.

The Cove’s clean-lined lobby offers serene ocean views at the Atlantis.

The Aesthetic

A serene boardwalk entry sets the tone for Atlantis’ grown-up tower, constructed in 2007. Contained within The Cove are a lively bar, a breakfast buffet, a celebrity chef-helmed restaurant, a well-stocked sundries shop, and a chic boutique. Condo-style guest rooms are sleek and spacious with a sunken living area and solid marina or ocean views from any angle. There’s nothing particularly hip about the products or furnishings, but the rooms are very comfortable, with walk-in closets, a stocked Keurig, and everything you need to recharge for another day in paradise.


Fish, helmed by celebrity chef José Andrés, is an upscale dining option in The Cove.

The Food

The aforementioned celebrity chef-helmed spot, Fish by José Andrés, is an upscale option just around the corner from The Cove’s elevator. The restaurant masterfully incorporates fresh Bahamian fare, like lionfish and conch, into its beautiful dishes. Andrés is a celebrated chef, so there are no bad choices to be made, but fellow Texans will appreciate the Salt Air Margarita — a fresh, foamy take on our favorite cocktail.


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When you work up an appetite at The Cove’s adults-only pool, where a DJ skillfully sets the mood, a lobster quesadilla and Sky Juice at Sip Sip are a must.


The experiences at Dolphin Cay are a must while staying at the Atlantis.

Must-Do Activities

The Cove is an oasis of calm at the Atlantis, but the bustle of the rest of the resort is just steps away. Those not interested in plunging down water slides can still chase a thrill tubing down the Atlantis’ mile-long lazy river. On the fitness front, a paddleboard yoga class may be the coolest way to catch the sunrise. There is a slick spa (Mandara) on site as well, with plunge pools, fluffy robes, and the works, but unless your stresses have followed you on vacation, the partly subterranean setup might be best saved for a rainy day.

One activity no Atlantis visitor should leave without experiencing, however, is swimming with the wildlife at Dolphin Cay. Serving as a safe haven and rehabilitation site (in fact, all of the Atlantis’ remarkable conservation efforts through the Blue Project Foundation should get more attention), the marine-mammal habitat lets visitors play and snorkel with dolphins and sea lions while a professional photographer immortalizes the vacation moment. Don’t worry though, the animals are cared for beautifully and never forced to perform. (At one point in our group’s experience, one of the dolphins decided he wanted to go do something else, so he left. We were not offended.) 


AK_NASAK_Royal_Double Queen Water View_Bedroom_Chris Villano
A recently renovated room in the Atlantis’ iconic Royal Towers.

Covid Protocols

When the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, the entire Atlantis resort shut down through December. The destination is now fully up and running (and remarkably well-staffed), but those traveling to Nassau currently require a negative Covid test to enter and leave the city. Fortunately, there was a breezy testing site available within The Cove. Throughout the resort, the staff and many of the guests were diligent with their masking.

The downtime may have also given the resort the push it needed to begin renovating the iconic Royal Towers, constructed as the heart of the property in the early ’90s. We visited a few rooms undergoing an airier, more modern transformation — the results were stunning.

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