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A Literary Legend’s Remains to be Sold at Auction, Coco Gets Her Own Movie and Perfection’s Debated

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BY // 08.22.16

Our editors are a diverse lot, and are constantly perusing a long and broad list of publications. Fashion? Art? Architecture? Culinary studies? Semantics? It’s all here. In What We’re Reading, PaperCity shares the wealth.

Perfection is a loaded word. Or is it a lie? A figment? Is it possible for anything to be perfect? How about Michelangelo’s statue in Florence. You know the one? And that book from Russia, The Idiot? Sam Anderson takes a look.

Narcissism is in the news a lot nowadays. Does Donald Trump fit the bill? Do you know a narcissist? How are the best dealt with? Kristen Dombek investigates.

… What is this symbol? From where did it come? What does it mean? Should use use spaces on either side of it? Here’s all you need to know about the ellipsis.

Coco Chanel was/is a legend. Style, intelligence, drive, ambition … she embodied all of that and more. Here’s a look at a mini-documentary made of the fashion icon.

He died 32 years ago, but his ashes are still in motion. In September, Truman Capote‘s remains will be sold as part of an auction marketed as a “peek inside the lives of some of Hollywood’s most private stars.” We wonder if the writer would approve. Here’s the story.

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