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TV Shows to Watch Right Now — the Best Netflix, HBO and Amazon Picks

A Dark Comic Book Drama, Canadian Hilarity and Touching Modern Love

BY // 10.24.19

Editor’s Note: I‘ve always had an extraordinary addiction to television. After each school day as a teen, I’d plant myself in front of my TV with a Pop-Tart, Toaster Strudel, or whatever insanely sugary snack our parents used to let us eat as kids, and catch up on Gilmore GirlsGrey’s Anatomy, or Friday Night Lights.

The obsession didn’t go away. As much as I tried to force myself to choose a more “practical” major in college, it was inevitable that I earn a degree in film & television. I then moved to Los Angeles to work on certain redhead’s late night talk show for a bit. The addiction isn’t the kind where I’m just binge-watching show after show, but where I want to know everything from where the story idea came from to the backgrounds of different actors to the metaphorical meanings of certain scenes. I am a television nerd.

Still constantly watching every show on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, and even cable (don’t judge me) that I can, I felt it was time to share with you what I think is good on TV. This is the second story in a new PaperCity series, TV Shows to Watch Right Now.

This month, I implore you to watch the newest season of the best Canadian sitcom, an anthology series about love and a new, intense drama inspired by a popular dark comic.

Schitt’s Creek: Season 5 (Netflix)

Oh, Schitt’s Creek. You continue to impress. This little Canadian gem’s newest season, which airs on Pop TV, was released on Netflix a few weeks ago. The Rose family is back and hilarious as ever. In the fifth season, Moira, Johnny, David and Alexis have completely accepted their fate in the small, rural town they were forced to move to after losing all of their money. Not only are they no longer trying to escape, but each character is thriving in their own way. Alexis and David are in serious relationships, Moira is acting and involved in the community, and Johnny is enjoying improving the motel he now owns.

As always, the best character is David (Dan Levy). Co-creator with his father, Eugene Levy (American Pie), Dan leads the show. Through business, love and family, David is always learning and growing. Same with the rest of the family, but David has definitely shown the most improvement. Especially in his relationship with Patrick. The unexpectedly lovable characters and witty banter make this show a must-watch.

Sadly, Season 6 will be Schitt’s Creek’s last, but re-watching the entire series is always a good idea.

Modern Love (Amazon Prime)

The newest anthology series on Amazon Prime, Modern Love, is an absolute delight. Based on the weekly column published by The New York Times, the series consists of eight episodes that each tell a different kind of love story. Whether that be a friendship, long term marriage, or new flame, each 30-minute episode is based on the true stories of real couples and their experiences.

Starting out with a friendship between a doorman and resident of the building, the series begins on a challenging, but uplifting note as the resident (Cristin Milloti) attempts to find love. In the next episode comes the story of a dating app guru (Dev Patel) and journalist (Catherine Keener) who asks the tough questions. Then Anne Hathaway plays a struggling young woman with severe bipolar disorder. Not all of the episodes are a complete hit, as Tina Fey and John Slattery’s “Rallying to Keep the Game Alive” falls flat.

Overall, “Hers Was a World of One” was the most entertaining. Fleabag’s Andrew Scott plays a man who begins the adoption process with his husband Andy. But part of the process is getting to know and love his unborn child’s mother, played by Olivia Cooke. Ed Sheeran also has a cameo in this episode.

Modern Love
Anne Hathaway plays a young woman with severe bipolar disorder searching for love in Amazon’s Modern Love.

Watchmen (HBO)

After the series premiere of Watchmen, you may ask: What in the world is happening? I’m right there with you. But, as it seems, that’s where we’re supposed to be. And that mystery, combined with the dark intensity and badass-ness of the first episode, is what makes this show one to watch.

Loosely based off the DC Comic and film, the show includes Easter Eggs for fans, but has enough of a distinction that you do not have to know a ton about the comics and previous iterations before watching. Created by Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers, Lost), the series stars Regina King. It’s set in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated like outlaws. In the first episode, a White Supremacists group called 7th Kalvary emerges from hibernation. Tulsa, Oklahoma police must hide their faces for protection, except for Chief Judd Crawford (Don Johnson) who portrays himself as overconfidently fearless. And vigilantes, such as Red Scare and Angela Abraham (King), are introduced to fight the threat.

Watchmen can be seen on HBO every Sunday at 9 pm. It’s rated TV-MA.

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