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Texas’ Richest City Wins Another Major Honor — This Houston Area Enclave is Beyond Hot

The Best City to Live in All of The Lone Star State

BY // 08.08.19

When it comes to the best of the best in Texas, it’s time to go west. To West University, that is. Houston’s powerhouse city-within-a-city — a cozy collective of top-notch elementary schools, intense Little League and major money — is No. 1. Again.

West University Place has been named Texas’ Best City to Live in by national outlet 24/7 Wall Street as part of the publication’s Best City to Live in Every State rankings.

Oh well, Austin. Too bad, Dallas. Sorry, San Antonio.

This comes after the respected finance site bestowed a series of impressive accolades on West University over the last few years, including the title of the Richest City in Texas and last year’s even more lofty  — the Best Place to Live in America.

It’s no wonder West University is the top place to dwell in the Lone Star State, if it was goals for the entire country last year.

Wall Street 24/7 backed up its extensive analysis with some compelling stats about the coveted neighborhood.

West University has a robust yet exclusive population of 15, 318 residents, with a five-year population growth of four percent.

The city’s also undeniably wealthy. Like, really wealthy. Its median household income of almost $221,000 per year is nearly four times the income of the average American household. It only follows that the median home value in West U comes in at $917,800.

Adding to that, goods and services in the city are roughly five percent less expensive than they are across the nation, on average.

Residents can spend that extra dough on entertainment and culture in nearby Houston — though you don’t have to look far for fabulous fitness centers, museums, theater companies, restaurants and bars within West University itself, especially compared to the national average. Look no further than Tiny’s No. 5 — or, better yet, Tinys Milk & Cookies.

West U residents can also sleep safe at night knowing that the city’s violent crime rate is miniscule — just 64 incidents for every 100,000 people, one of the lowest rates in the entire country.

West U apparently can do no wrong. That’s how you become a champion.

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