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Ula’s Three Amigos

BY // 06.10.15

This past week, I visited Ula’s, a Mexican restaurant that recently opened on Washington in the Heights. At 7 pm on a Friday, the place was packed with a diverse crowd that included young couples, families with infants and small children in tow and older couples dressed for date night. It is a large space, tall ceilings and all. And, while Tex-Mex is not my favorite cuisine, my main course at Ula’s that evening is certainly something I would recommend. The Three Amigos ($24) includes three grilled, bacon-wrapped shrimp cooked to an ideal tenderness; three ribs (suitably seasoned but a bit bland for my liking); and a fine piece of grilled skirt steak — the highlight of the plate. Perfect char, good mixture of spice. Beans and rice are also in the mix.

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