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5 Simultaneous Solo Shows at Reeves Art + Design

April 20, 2024 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


April 20, 2024 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Reeves Art + Design is excited to announce their upcoming simultaneous solo show lineup for April. The exhibitions will be on view April 20th, 2024 through May 4th, 2024. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, April 20th, 2024, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Admission is free and open to the public.

Alter Ego is a show created by Justin, an artist better known as Bakerzduzen, who has been creating art for the last 11 years. He has always imagined that Bakerzduzen was sort of his secret identity, and that he is like a super villain with the sole purpose of melting minds with his creations. Each character, creature, or ghoul that he brings to life is a different part of himself. A small glimpse into who he is as a human being.
The pieces for Alter Ego were created over the last year or so with the inspiration of building a unique world. Justin describes his goal best: “Hopefully it inspires you, or makes you feel weird. Maybe it’ll even get you to laugh a little, but most of all I hope you just simply enjoy the experience.”

Alex Paulus: All I have to do is live until I die
All I have to do is live until I die is a show by Memphis-based artist Alex Paulus designed around the idea of scale and proportion. The size of an object can make it seem important or unimportant. And we all measure things according to the size of ourselves. Things that are smaller than us can seem trivial, while larger objects can feel overwhelming. Yet, when considering the vastness of the universe, our planet seems tiny and inconsequential.
His current series focuses on small figures within expansive landscapes. By placing tiny people within large areas, it creates a sense of insignificance. This can be frightening to think about, but it can also be comforting. Knowing that we are so small, no matter what we do, it ultimately doesn’t impact the universe on a grand scale.
In All I have to do is live until I die, Alex asks the viewer to think about how humans fit into this world and how small we actually are compared to the rest of the universe. He is interested in the purpose of human existence, but it seems like we do a lot of weird things for no reason. Through his work, he’d like to learn as much as he can with his time here on Earth.

Evan Pardue: Warnings
Evan Pardue’s first solo show with Reeves, Warnings, will spotlight a series of smaller paintings executed over the past five years. Primarily featuring animals, the small works are distinct in Pardue’s oeuvre for their ambitious execution and distinct narratives. Known for his large-scale figurative paintings, these works explore an underrepresented part of his studio practice not seen by Houston audiences.
“It’s an honor to show at Reeves,” says Pardue. “After seeing the first Mark Flood show, I knew I wanted to work with a gallery like Reeves. They take risks, believe in their artists, and bring a refreshing perspective to our arts scene.”

Kevin Gilmore: Lonely Family Reunion
In Lonely Family Reunion, local Houston artist Kevin Gilmore embarks on a poignant exploration of the profound solitude experienced by individuals amidst our current bustling world. Each brushstroke delicately unveils the nuanced emotions of those grappling with social awkwardness, inviting viewers to empathize with their inner struggles. Embracing the rich heritage of Aboriginal art, he infuses his creations with intricate dots, symbolizing not only the beauty of indigenous culture but also serving as a powerful metaphor for the interconnectedness of human experiences within the vast canvas of loneliness.

Tyra J: Celestial Origins- A Multiverse of Worlds and Souls
Celestial Origins, an exhibition by the multidisciplinary artist and designer, Tyra J, invites attendees to step into a multiverse where worlds are in constant continental drift, rendering permanent shelter unnecessary. Nomadic existence becomes the norm, prompting a reconsideration of our fundamental understanding of home and belonging. If souls inhabit non-human forms, how would they describe themselves? The exhibition encourages a departure from traditional labels like ‘artists’ in favor of the more inclusive term ‘storytellers,’ where core characteristics stand as the only meaningful traits.
Central to Celestial Origins is the interactive viewing of sculptures, each accompanied by messages detailing the unique operations of each world and the captivating journey each soul has undertaken. This approach invites attendees to actively engage with the exhibit, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate narratives woven into the fabric of each creation.

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