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$13,000 Bike Draws Raves in Dallas

High-Tech Marvel Available in Only Five U.S. Cities

BY // 10.22.15

Taking a spin on the Ciclotte stationary bike — now available for pre-sale exclusively in Texas at Nest Dallas, one of only five boutiques in the U.S. to offer it — will cost you a pretty penny, but its high-tech materials and super-sleek design more than make up for it. Crafted in Italy and developed by Luca Schieppati (whose Ciclò project is in the permanent collection at the Triennale Design Museum of Milan), the exercise bike retails for a cool $13,000.

But even if you’re not Lance Armstrong, you can still cycle in style: The Ciclotte is the first to use an electromagnetic resistance system with epicycloid transmission for the smoothest of rides.

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