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The Best After Christmas Sales Strategy and Picks

Where to Shop and What to Get in the Most Underrated Time of the Holiday (Bargain) Season

BY // 12.29.18

Ho, ho, ho and me, me, me. OK, so Christmas is officially over. However, one of my other favorite times of year is the post-December 25 sales. The Brits call it “Boxing Day,” I call it my version of search and destroy.

Inevitably some of the hints I throw out there about things I desire for Christmas aren’t heard and I am left wanting. Why can’t I just register as one would for a wedding so I have all I need for my life for the year ahead? Is that asking too much?

I guess it’s a little bit of the only-child syndrome that I will always have as part of my DNA.

If you are looking for some things to purchase post-Christmas, perhaps use my list as inspiration. Maybe you forgot to gift the dandy-boy in your life and need to act like it was ordered in advance, but “just didn’t get shipped in time.” We’ve all used that line a couple of times.

I generally treat myself to one splurge for Christmas — and sometimes it’s after December 26 when the real sales have started. I scout during the 25 to 50 percent off phase, but then pull out my wallet when the 60 to 75 percent cuts occur. If only I could use that same sense of mathematical calculations on stocks then I might be a millionaire who could afford full price.

Acquiring a supple suede item has been a goal of the past year (actually dating back to 2017). Perhaps in a gorgeous beige or midnight blue. I have been searching for a shirt and have had little luck and instead have found quite a few jackets. The price point that I am considering can be found from options provided by Theory or Ralph Lauren. If you want to spend more, I’d suggest either Brunello Cucinelli or Tom Ford.

I’ve long considered men who wear jewelry to be either hailing from an Italian crime family or the front man for a rock band. I’m not someone seen sporting shirts buttoned down to showcase chest hair with a necklace lying in that manly nest.

I don’t have pierced ears. Also, since I’m not in line to become the next pope I don’t think I should be wearing a ring. With all of those personal hangups in mind, I allow myself the opportunity to adorn my wrists.

I’ve been coveting an Hermès Clic HH bracelet since the Reagan years. Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and treat myself. Unfortunately as most of you likely know, Hermès doesn’t have sales. I wonder — once things have hit their shelf life, do they go to pasture like a cherished old horse or family dog?

I’m not generally a design aficionado, but I’m feeling a little Snow White’ish and want a mirror. My taste generally favors a minimalist aesthetic (see Bauhaus), but I like adding some gilded, almost Baroque flourishes in my home to make it seem as though I have some whimsy. That said, I found a black mirror from IKEA for a steal. I just need to get in the right head space to brave the drive and afternoon (never is an IKEA run just an hour or two) of navigating the circuitous floor plan of the Swedish design giant.

I actually stopped and parked my car recently when I realized that the guests on my favorite NPR show, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, were Mike D (Michael Diamond) and Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) from the Beastie Boys. Those illin musicians have long been my favorites. I seriously felt the passing of MCA (Adam Yauch) in 2012 and likely listened to Paul’s Boutique, their seminal album from the 90s, monthly as I mourned.

They were on the show to promote their recently released book, Beastie Boys Book. I just need a good beach vacation so I can devour the tale of the Brooklyn trio of mischief makers in one week.

The Beastie Boys certainly know how to make an impression.

Finally, my favorite magazine is, of course, PaperCity. However, I still have quite a few others that I often pick-up when waiting for a flight. I’ll fess up, I generally purchase the latest US Weekly since I have this bizarre superstition that if I am reading something incredibly vapid, then any turbulence we encounter will cease.

I only have one magazine subscription, Vanity Fair, gifted to me as a housewarming gift when I moved into my loft in December 2015. My dear friend who gifted continues to renew it for me annually. That said, even though I have commitment issues (I am a renter still and not a homeowner), I want to purchase my own magazine subscription.

The one publication I have been in awe of the past decade has been Fantastic Man. The art direction is brilliant and I always find the fashion spreads incredibly inspiring. The writing is also top-notch with wit and an engaging edge. I have kept all of the issues I have acquired since 2005 and always look forward to the new one’s when I spy them at chic fashion stores or cafes.

Well, time to put on some comfortable Adidas Stan Smiths for the treacherous task of post-Christmas shopping. If you join me, remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint, so plan on staying well hydrated (and I don’t mean numerous coupes of champagne).

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