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Austin’s Secret, Vogue-Approved Tanning Salon is Now Finally in Dallas

The Word’s Out On Hush Hush Tan

BY // 08.23.18

Nothing says “glow up” like a good spray tan, but all spray tans are not created equal. Izabel Wicker gets it. The owner of Hush Hush Tan has been helping Texans stay (effortlessly) golden since 2009.

Her first salon was named Austin’s best spray tan by Vogue. Now, nearly a decade later, Hush Hush Tan is finally shining on Dallas with a new location at The Shops of Highland Park.

Since stepping into the tanning booth can be a gamble – orange streaks and blotchy feet are at stake – I bravely decided to take the risk for you.

When I arrived at Hush Hush Tan, I was pleasantly surprised at the clean, classy style of the salon. It fits right in with its neighbors Blushington and Dry Bar. Beyond the stylish lobby is a long hallway with individual rooms, each equipped with a spray tan booth, chair, satin robe, and tanning accessories (nose plug, hair net, paper undies).

You may not know this about me (despite the fact that I casually drop it into conversation as often as possible), but I was once a swimsuit model, and spray tans are part of the gig. So, yeah, I’m kind of an expert on the subject. (Unfortunately, the swimwear department at Neiman Marcus has a tendency to cut the models’ head off, so you wouldn’t recognize my work.)

I’ve tried airbrush tans, Versaspa, Mystic, you name it.

Airbrush uses a person to apply the tan rather than a machine, and the results are usually better and more natural-looking.

It’s the only method used at Hush Hush Tan.

“All of our staff goes through extensive training to ensure that they have all the steps down. That is the Hush Hush Tan trademark,” Wicker says.

Before you strip down for the treatment, you’re asked to choose from a variety of options. There’s the Clear Glow, which uses colorless, stain-free formula; the Custom Glow, specialized for your skin tone; the Gold Glow, with gold drops added; and the Brazilian Glow aka the double dip.

While many salons use the same brand of tanning product, Hush Hush Tan has its own product, which gives a truly unique result.

“What really sets us apart is our solution. What we use at Hush Hush Tan is actually my solution, I own the formula to it,” Wicker says.

I opted for a custom glow, specifying that I wanted a natural look that was still significantly darker than my naturally pasty skin. From walking in the door to checking out, the whole process took less than 20 minutes and gave me immediate results. If I returned, I would probably opt for the clear solution (some white towels were harmed in the making of this article).

That said, I think the tan looks great and natural – and the service was A+. You have my blessing to go forth and get glowing.

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