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New Beauty Lab in River Oaks Takes Pampering Your Skin to a Whole Other Level

It's All Customized to You at This Medical Spa With Options Galore

BY // 02.13.20

Clear, dewy skin doesn’t just happen. Achieving that, “I woke up like this” skin is a pursuit in intentionality coupled with the holy grail of sunscreen and regular skin care treatments. However, knowing exactly where and when to start making the most of your skin, and the best treatments for it, can be overwhelming.

That’s where sisters Brittany and Pamela DeOrbegoso step in. Admitted beauty junkies and overall believers in the art of prejuvenating yourself, their Beauty Lab medical spa in River Oaks (1934 West Gray Street) takes the guess work out of improving and maintaining the skin, often with stunning results.

Tucked away on the second floor of the Chase building just off West Gray, The Beauty Lab’s location is a soothing respite from the outside world, setting the tone for the relaxation and rejuvenation that lies within. Before walking through the doors, the staff connects with a client about their medical background and preferred treatments, determining what’s best for them and their skin. Beauty Lab’s facial beauty menu is extensive, with options galore for both women and men.

The Beauty Lab offers 18 different facials ranging from acne and firming treatments to microneedling and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). The much-loved dermaplaning facial, deep cleans, exfoliates and removes peach fuzz, revealing smooth, reinvigorated skin that glows.

beauty Lab RIver Oaks Group
The Beauty Lab River Oaks team of experts customizes treatments for each client.

Keeping that glow bright all year long, means regular visits, so The Beauty Lab offer client memberships starting at $129 a month, with opportunities to add on a customized treatments.

There’s no one-size-fits all facial at Beauty Lab. Where one client may benefit from hydrafacial, another may opt for the Hollywood Facial that combines deep cleansing, microdermabrasion, a customized mask and lactic acid peel.

Beauty Lab esthetician Sheri Gonzales takes care to give clients an honest skin evaluation, recommending treatments that enhances a client’s natural beauty, helping them reach their goals. If something isn’t a good fit, she points them in better direction.

“A client with sensitive skin came in and although she had booked a facial that included microdermabrasion, I took one look at her skin and suggested we do a peel instead. She loved her results,” Gonzales says.

The Beauty Lab team consider multiple factors when prescribing facial treatments that allow for a fully customized experience. 

The Hollywood Facial is a favorite among Beauty Lab clients for its beautifully restorative properties, revealing fresh, renewed skin beneath. After a gentle cleaning, Gonzalez preps the skin for microdermabrasion and finishes with a custom mask. The results are Insta-worthy.

beauty Lab river oaks dr kern
The Beauty Lab’s Medical Director Dr James Kern leads the strategy for skincare.

Beauty Lab Truths

Of course, maintaining that fresh-from-the-spa glow means upgrading your skin care products and being mindful of how the seasons affect your skin.

“Your skin has memory, and there’s definitely a difference between medical grade products versus what you will find at your local drugstore,” Gonzalez notes. “It’s also important to have different regimens in the winter and summer because your skin needs different things as the weather changes.”

As with any quest to improve, whether on the inside or out, consistency is key. Dermaplaning is a game changer (and no, the peach fuzz doesn’t grow back darker) but it’s not a one-and-done proposition. 

Ready to glow? The Beauty Lab is a River Oaks retreat with plenty of smart thinking behind it. One that’s raising the beauty bar.

For more information on The Beauty Lab, click here

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