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This Skincare Dynamo Makes Products You Could Eat — Honey Mud for Everyone!

BY // 06.23.16
photography Rhi Lee

For a private luncheon recently, Forty Five Ten put a smidge of a spin on its beloved menu at the T Room. The reason? Adorable beauty guru May Lindstrom was in town from Los Angeles to tout her line of skincare products — or “potions,” as Lindstrom charmingly calls them — which are carried exclusively in Dallas at Forty Five Ten.

Lindstrom’s namesake collection of skin spritzes, creams, tonics and balms is part of a life-long obsession that began when she was a young girl, playing with plants, mixing concoctions and cooking during her rural upbringing in the Midwest. She spent hours formulating things, outside and in the kitchen (she first thought she would become a chef), and several years ago, a far cry from the restaurant world, she launched her skin-friendly recipes into a limited, certified-organic collection of skincare.

Seated next to Lindstrom during lunch, I was quickly informed that the key ingredients in many of her products served as inspiration for our lunch menu. To start, we had a charred coffee-rubbed peach tartine — a nibble of whipped goat cheese, Texas honey and lavender spread atop bite-sized toast. The amuse-bouche was a sweet (and tasty) culinary tribute to the Jasmine Garden body spray, which Lindstrom passed around to the ladies in attendance, asking them to spritz themselves at the table.

“All of my ingredients are edible,” said Lindstrom of her line. After all, she said, why would anyone put something on their skin that they wouldn’t feel safe eating?

While lunch with Lindstrom was certainly a treat — I love meeting someone who lives in my hometown, bonus points if they share a similar passion for all-natural beauty routines — it was most fun to discover two of my newest favorite luxuries. First, I am obsessed with Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm ($160). Made of hard-to-source blue tansy oil, the potent balm is said to have more than just beauty benefits and can calm the nerves or soothe a child’s tantrum. After a busy, on-deadline day, I tested her theory and, indeed, Ms Lindstrom was right about the calming of the nerves. The aromatic balm is divine.

And for those moments when I take the time for an at-home facial, my new go-to goop is the Honey Mud ($80). A cleanser with the texture of pudding (it smells like chocolate, too), the Mud is made of raw honey, white halloysite clay and no doubt inspired our dessert — a gluten-free deconstructed mud pie of chocolate mousse, ginger-cookie crumble, graham cracker and wildflower honey.

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“When we are making the mud at our lab in California,” said Lindstrom, “it smells like brownies — our lab is a kitchen, really.” Dessert has never looked better.

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