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Skincare Guru With a Cult Following (and Strong Instagram Game) Shares Her Best Beauty Tips — Barbara Sturm Unplugged

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BY // 08.03.20

Feeling and looking healthy is more vital than ever. It’s easy to forget about the importance of skincare with so many larger health issues looming in these coronavirus times. PaperCity’s tapped skincare guru Dr. Barbara Sturm to give some tips and insider knowledge on healthy skin in this video exclusive.

The renowned skincare guru’s products have gained near cult status, spawning their own hashtag (#SturmGlow) and beyond devoted following. Sturm boasts more than 300,000 Instagram followers who watch her charming videos geared to educate glow hungry fans. The doctor’s partnerships with her countless celebrity friends draw even more attention.

But there is substance to go with that marketing flash. Sturm’s products are used by some of the top estheticians in the world, including Joanna Czech, Dallas’s own facial goddess.

Sturm is a German aesthetics doctor known for her anti-inflammatory philosophy and her non-surgical anti-aging skin treatments. She is all about innovation without the use of toxic, harmful, or aggressive ingredients. Sturm believes in products designed to be healing and nurturing to the skin as opposed to those that attack living skin to achieve a desired look.

Still, Barbara Sturm’s greatest gift may be her ability to break down a recommended plan in an approachable way. The science-first, anti-inflammatory lifestyle that she preaches can be simplified down into a daily routine.

Sturm’s suggested skincare routine is centered around nourishing skin and alleviating inflammation. Take her Glow Essentials kit, a selection of products that Sturm designed to take the thinking out of complexion maintenance. It’s a mix of cleansing, exfoliation and super hydration.

Barbara Sturm is a major advocate of working on skin from the inside outside. Sturm and her academic scientists developed a line of Skin Food Supplements by blending anti-aging powerhouse ingredient Purslane with antioxidants such as Skullcap, Kudzu, Astragalua and Glutathione. It’s good to have a skincare guru on your side.

Watch the exclusive video with Dr. Barbara Sturm to hear more of her insights and product recommendations in the video player above this story. 

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