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Changing My Hairstory

Dallas’ Go-To Guy for Cool Hair Convinces Our Writer to Take a Flashdance Worthy Risk

BY // 02.12.18
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I’ve always been one to take sartorial risks, but up until last summer, that bravery never stood up when it came to my hair. For the first twenty something years of my life, I kept my curly brown locks in the same nondescript ‘do.

Enter Beau Bollinger, Dallas’ go-to guy for cool hair. The stylist is a favorite among models and the city’s most fashion-forward. If someone was going to take away my security blanket of mediocre hair, it was him. And so, we went for it – not just a major haircut, but a look.

I now have a Flashdance-esque shaggy bob that works with my curls and requires zero styling. It’s very on-trend, but, more importantly, it’s very me. And that’s exactly the point.

“I think that the process of getting there with a client is more so about finding that person’s personality through their hair,” he says. “You see the inner best part of a person in a weird way through a haircut. It’s not like I brought it out, I just revealed what was already there.”

It’s a different approach from your average hairdresser – easier, more modern, more fun.

Stylists at Hairstory will be responsible for setting their own hours and appointments.

Bollinger’s new salon, Hairstory Studio Dallas, reflects this philosophy. An outpost of the New York-based salon, Hairstory will be the first salon in town with no shampoo. In fact, the minimalistic brand has only four products at this point, all of which are free from damaging detergents. As the company’s website states, “Hairstory is helping rethink everything about hair when the old rules no longer apply.”

Focusing on natural texture is one big part of this.

“I’m kind of over the overly done, fixed, ‘beachy’ hair and the lived-in look which is not lived in. The ability to wash and wear your hair as is – not everybody gets that luxury – but people who do that and feel great and confident in it, that’s a game changer,” Bollinger says.

A Different Way of Looking at Hair

Hairstory is also taking a radical stance in how it operates as a business. Just as the modern retail landscape is undergoing a drastic transformation in the digital age, so is the world of hairdressing. Rather than operating like a traditional salon, Hairstory Studio is taking a new direction.

“Each hairdresser is responsible for their own business. They book their own clients, they check out their own clients, which adds a little bit to their workload, but in return gives them freedom,” says Bollinger.

There will be eight stylists on board at the salon. They’ll each set their own hours and access the salon doors through a mobile app.

“I wanted to find people that were passionate about working hard and creating their own business,” Bollinger says “The way I’ve kind of pitched to them is that Hairstory Studio is a platform for their business and support for their business rather than them supporting and helping promote Hairstory. It’s a role reversal in that sense.”

The studio, located at 1906 N Henderson Ave., is now seeing clients and will have its grand opening at the end of March. Book appointments through or through Beau’s makeover-inspiring Instagram.

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