The question has been ringing in the coronavirus void: What are you most excited to do once social distancing is over? The potential answers are endless. Travel abroad, attend a grand 500-person gala, eat at a boisterously crowded restaurant again, etc, etc. . .

One activity many have missed is a day at the spa — a full indulgence immersion at a place of pampering with expert massage therapists and beauty mavens catering to your every ache and flaw sounds divine.

Since nail salons and spas are just beginning to reopen with limited services, many must temporarily adjust and bring the spa home. Luckily, there are some seriously decadent and effective relaxation accessories, tools, and skincare products that can help transform your home into a relaxation station.

Whether it’s social distancing and coronavirus fears keeping you from a going out for self care or you just want to take matters into your own hands, these cozy essentials and buzz-worthy products will help you treat yourself. Making your own in-home spa is within reach.

Robes Rule

Yes, many of us have been spending these days in loungewear, but that does not equal a terry lined cozy robe waiting in your spa locker. Texas robe guru Edith Hour can bring you close. Edith Hour robes are made of Oxford shirting and have that classic menswear style with the feminine cut perfect for lounging.

It’s not a real spa day without some luxury, spa issued slippers. The benefit of taking your spa to your home is your cozy footwear can be extra plush. The Emu Autralia Mayberry slippers are the perfect easy slide on and off option.

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Real Spa Ambiance

It’s not a true relaxation experience without the sights, sounds and smells that come along with a spa trip. While craving those dimly lit cozy treatment rooms, a few additions can help set the scene at home.

A stress-melting tea is always on hand at a proper spa. Skin and Haircare brand Aveda makes an irresistible tea that channels extreme calm.

Candles from Cire Trudon add to any relaxation scene. Essential oils are abundant at spas and The Campo Ultrasonic Diffusor is a stylish and modern diffuser that transforms your space into a meditation station.

Spa Skincare at Home

It can be hard to emulate the combination of oils, serums, masks and scrubs that the professionals use, but the right curated routine of skincare products can take your DIY facial to new heights.

A top of the line set of eye patches such as the Biologique Recherche Patch Defatigants are the ideal kickstarter to depuff and smooth those tired eyes.  The eye savers are available at the River Oak crowd’s favorite skincare guru and also at Dallas maven Joanna Czech.

Giving yourself a spa level facial may seem like a daunting task, but the Japanese engineered sheet mask from Decorté Slim and Firm Concentrate Sheet masks come as separate sheets for the top and bottom half of the face. This allows for targeting specific plumping and firming for each half, the better to restore the youthful silhouette of the skin.

Top your face masking session off with the Zelens Transformer Instant Renewal Mask for a pro facial combo. The slight tingling of the high performance ingredients provide an anti-aging kick. Rinse your masks off to unveil a plump and hydrated face with that post facial glow that proves you got your money’s worth.

Your hair shouldn’t be left out of the masking magic. French hairstylist David Mallet, who is making a celebrity name of his own, believes that the post salon hair shine should be attainable at home. His Mask No. 1 L’Hydratation is designed to satisfy your hair’s thirst while giving your locks the TLC they need to revive that natural healthy bounce.

David Mallett Mask No. 1 L’Hydratation

One of the most luxurious treatments on any spa menu is a body scrub. Having your skin polished with natural ingredients and a lymphatic invigorating brush packs more of punch than your relaxed self even knew was possible. The Saya Coffee Body Scrub is a natural combination of powerful ingredients that will buff the skin and awaken the cells.

Finish off your care treatments with some lip love. The Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask has earned rave reviews and influencer accolades. It has been flying off the shelves for good reason.

Treatment Tools

It wouldn’t be a real spa day with out those gizmos and gadgets that take spa treatments from basic to topnotch.

The sleek ZIIP is the handheld version of the microcurrent machine that top aestheticians use. The electrical facial in the palm of your hand uses nanocurrents and microcurrents on your skin cells.

Another aesthetician tool that will up your at home facial game is the Refa S Carat Face Massage Roller. The face massager touted by skincare gurus like The Bag Snob replicates the kneading and massaging of an aesthetician and helps to push skin cells to step up their growth game.

It wouldn’t be a proper spa day without intensive muscle kneading and good old fashioned massage care. A Theragun Neck Massager allows you to safely and effectively target those achey knots and loosen up the built up tightness with a handheld device.

It may be hard to mimic the perfectly polished grandeur that a professional manicure and pedicure deliver, but the Olive and June Everything Box Manicure Kit is an accurate moniker for this all-inclusive kit with all the tools needed for a great self manicure effort.

Expertly curated spa experiences and rituals designed to melt stress away can now be mimicked at home. Modern wellness company Nature of Things brings the most relaxing spa bath home. Each kit contains elements like floral salt baths and brain boosting nootropics, capitalizing on the fact their effects are amplified when combined.

It turns out your perfect at-home spa day may be closer than you think.

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