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Houston’s Renowned Breast Doc Dr. Michael Ciaravino Expands His Practice With the Addition of Top Female Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kriti Mohan

How the Ciaravino Method Has Changed the Entire Plastic Surgery Equation for Many Women

BY // 06.04.20

For the past 20 years, thousands of women have benefited from Dr. Ciaravino’s specialized surgical expertise. Now, he has added to his team to continue the tradition.

Dr. Kriti Mohan is a board-certified plastic surgeon who was hand-selected by Dr. Ciaravino to carry on his legacy of specialized surgical methods, which includes precise breast implant sizing and meticulous surgical technique. He personally trained her in his techniques to move the practice forward and to ensure the tradition at Ciaravino Total Beauty continues to exceed patients’ expectations.

“I’m impressed by Dr. Mohan’s passion toward breast surgery and her commitment to our patients,” Dr. Ciaravino says. “She strives to give each patient a beautiful result. It takes surgical skill and precise attention to detail to be a great plastic surgeon, and Dr. Mohan clearly has these qualities. She is the perfect addition to our practice, and we are thrilled to have her.”

Committed to helping their patients achieve their best body possible, Drs. Michael Ciaravino and Kriti Mohan aim to deliver life-changing results, whether it is for breast augmentation, lifts, or body contouring procedures.

As a female surgeon, Dr. Mohan also brings a unique perspective.

“I have a kinship with my female patients. It can be an uncomfortable thing to discuss, but I can relate to what they are feeling about their bodies,” she says. “I think it places me in a good position to understand their unique goals and to put my patients at ease.”

Total Beauty – And Body

The addition of Dr. Kriti Mohan has added a well-rounded offering of complementary procedures to the practice as well ― such as body contouring and liposuction.

“I enjoy performing body procedures and mommy makeovers, which further complement our patients’ sense of well-being and confidence,” Mohan says.

“As a woman, I understand how society can sometimes view cosmetic surgery and even the sense of guilt some patients may feel. There has been a real paradigm shift in recent years. I think it’s more about how you feel about yourself than how you look to others.”

Dr. Mohan feels that the best outcome for her patients is feeling they have gained back their self-confidence. “It’s a dramatic change you see in their outlook, almost immediately,” she says.

With a range of patients that include models, professionals, students and stay-at-home mothers ― Ciaravino and Mohan always begin from a place of understanding their patients’ lifestyle and goals, in order to tailor a procedure that meets each woman’s unique goals.

The Ciaravino Method

Thousands of women have sought out Dr. Michael Ciaravino, the top plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic breast surgery, during his 20-year career. In fact, this reputation has even earned him the moniker “The Breast Doc” by his patients and peers.

His Houston-based practice, Ciaravino Total Beauty, remains at the forefront of plastic surgery. His unparalleled expertise and a strong reputation for his unique, streamlined Ciaravino Method has made him one of the world’s top breast surgeons. Using specialized techniques, the method improves the healing process dramatically for his patients and provides them with consistent results.

office waiting room
At Ciaravino, a better, healthier you is always within convenient, caring reach

“The Ciaravino Method” uses tiny incisions only an inch long and patients typically experience no bleeding, little swelling and minimal bruising. This allows surgery time to be reduced to 30 minutes to an hour. There is no need for uncomfortable drains or surgical wraps and most patients resume regular activity in as little as one to two days.

Caregiving All-Stars

Another signature of Ciaravino Total Beauty is the team itself. Patients do not have to face an unfamiliar hospital setting where they are cared for by strangers. Instead, a streamlined process introduces them to the Ciaravino Girls, a team of highly trained all-female staff.

“We have an amazing team known as ‘the Ciaravino Girls’ who provide great care before, during, and after surgery,” Mohan says. “They are an integral part of the overall experience and offer unmatched expertise and continuity of care from the time you walk through our doors.”

The streamlined process of Ciaravino Total Beuaty introduces patients to the Ciaravino Girls, a team of highly trained all-female staff.

This team of nurses and staff has the ability to build a special rapport with each woman who enters the office, following their care from their initial consultation through their post-operative visits. This unique opportunity to partner with patients adds a sense of comfort and security to a very personal process. Even the same anesthesiologists have been working with the Ciaravino team for the past 20 years.

The modern and luxurious office is only half of the space at Ciaravino Total Beauty. There are also two state-of-the-art operating rooms and posh recovery suites in the fully accredited surgical facility.

Ciaravino Total Beauty also offers a vast array of medical spa services which range from injectables like Botox® and filler to non-invasive therapies such as Coolsculpting® and EMSCULPT®. In fact, the practice is also home to nurse injector Tammy Wolf, RN, who is an Allergan Master Injector with  20 years of clinical expertise.

In keeping with the advanced technology and innovative methods of the practice, Ciaravino Total Beauty is adapting to the new social distancing lifestyles and implementing industry protocols to safely resume business operations. Virtual consultations have always been available and will continue to be an option for patients. Dr. Mohan and the Ciaravino Girls are welcoming patients back and look forward to helping women feel confident and breathtakingly beautiful.

For more information on the Ciaravino difference and full range of procedures, check out the website.

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