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For Lisa McCormick, the Fountain of Youth is This Hardworking Toner

Her Dallas Brand, Wild Mary, is a Glowy, Antioxidant-Packed Cocktail for Your Skin

BY Maggie Miller // 11.10.22

Lisa McCormick set out to find the secret to a clear complexion after spending her lavish youth traveling the world and partying with rockstars like David Bowie and Mick Jagger. (It’s a long story involving the drummer of INXS.) McCormick navigated through a market of over-formulated chemical products, and set out on a journey that would take her back in time to the ancients … and back to Dallas.

Determined to find a natural and holistic solution, McCormick discovered 14th-century beauty elixirs made with a key ingredient: rosemary. From Egypt to Hungary, this powerful ingredient was perfected and passed down by ancient queens for generations. 2,000 years later, the Dallas-based brand, Wild Mary, is offering her own spin on those elixirs in the form of a potent toner: the Active Botanical Elixir.

Wild Mary’s Rosemary Elixir
Wild Mary’s Active Botanical Rosemary Elixir ($68) fortifies the skin’s protective barrier with an advanced CO2-extract of rosemary.

The edited Wild Mary line, manufactured in Dallas, Texas, consists of hydrating, nourishing, and rejuvenating toners available in two scents: rosemary and lavender. This next-generation beauty elixir contains an advanced CO2 extract of rosemary, which is rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids, and nourishes all skin types. As if tapping into the secret to youthful skin wasn’t enough, McCormick also does good by the planet. Wild Mary formulas are organic, non-GMO, and free of synthetic chemicals, all packaged inside stunning recycled violet glass bottles.

Toner is an oft-overlooked part of most daily skincare routines (despite its proven benefits), but when it’s an aromatic experience with ancient roots, the pH-balancing beauties might just become our favorite part.

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