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Five Steps to a New You

Revolutionary Italian Skincare Regimen Puts Truly Healthy Skin Within Reach — the Borghese Way

BY Promoted Series Correspondent // 11.27.17

For every quick selfie, there’s the not-so-fast process of editing and filtering to make our skin look as fresh and beautiful as possible in pictures. But, since real life doesn’t come with a set of skin-flattering filters, putting your best face forward depends on a good skin care routine and high quality products.

Borghese is a blend of both, combining the legacy of Italian spa culture and a modern approach to luxury skincare.

Borghese’s roots are steeped in the ancient thermal waters of Tuscan spa retreats and healing properties of natural mud. From the mineral water sourced deep within volcanic terrain, to Fango, a Tuscan mud enriched by volcanic clay and minerals from the thermal springs, beauty and healing comes from within the earth.

It’s this tradition of healing and rejuvenation, Borghese brings to its five -step beauty regimen available exclusively online at Neiman Marcus. Embarking on the journey to healthy skin begins with cleansing, followed by exfoliating, a multi-mask, re-energizing and then treating the skin.

Some would say cleanliness is a divine characteristic, but with Borghese’s Crema Saponetta, heavenly skin starts at first lather. Crema Saponetta dissolve impurities and excess oils without drying the skin and is recommended to wash with it in the morning and night.

Unlike cleansing, which requites daily attention, exfoliation is most effective when performed twice a week. The Intensive Age Defying Exfoliator further purifies and polishes skin, gently buffing away dead skin cells with the combination of gentle natural exfoliants as well as powerful antioxidants and humectants.

Masking Beauty

Preparation is the key to success in all things, but it rings especially true for the skin. The Active Booster Serum helps restore hydration and diminish the signs of fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing the benefits of a face mask. Applying the serum before the masks adds an extra punch of moisture before applying a mask, but it can also be used alone.

While masks are a common beauty tool, only Borghese masks incorporate the earthy, healing qualities found in Fango Active and Fango Delicato. The mineral-rich mud is appropriate for most skin types, but for those who seek to target more delicate areas, such as the skin round the eyes, the  Restorative Eye Sheet Mask is the answer.

From pollution and the sun’s harmful rays to makeup use and lack of sleep, your skin certainly deserves a treat. The Acqua Ristorativo Hydrating Concentrate is the last step in the regimen, but equally as important as all the rest. The concentrate provides antioxidants and hydration. Skin is left feeling smooth, even and toned with a youthful radiance.

Borghese’s skin care products are not only an homage to the Italian culture of rejuvenation found deep in the natural soothing geothermal waters of Roman public baths, but also in the mindset that beauty is more than skin-deep. Acqua di Vita, the water contained in many Borghese products is laden with minerals and natural salts that enhance and heal for picture perfect skin at any age.

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