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No Ordinary Charms — Mother/Daughter Team Turn Jewelry Tradition Into Modern Marvels: Charm Bracelets and Necklaces That Will Rock Your World

BY // 11.05.18

When it comes to a passion for antique jewelry, mother-and-daughter duo Leslie Slutsky and Lisa Feldkamp will tell you it works like a charm. Seventeen years ago, the pair took their interest in vintage charms and turned it into a partnership, launching Charmco.

They first sold their bespoke bracelets and necklaces at Bergdorf Goodman with their “design your own charm bar.” One book collaboration and a stunning appearance in Travel & Leisure for their voyage and adventure inspired charms later, Charmco is now an exclusively digital boutique shop.

Charmco offers more than 1,000 styles of gold charms for bracelets and necklaces in all kinds of categories, from personalized and  custom-engraved to love and marriage. Their sophisticated jewelry, known for its fine details and moveable elements, is popular among ‘golden girls’ and celebrities alike. Goldie Hawn, Kelly Ripa, Kate Hudson and Debra Messing are all Charmco devotees.

Their charm necklaces and bracelets offer clients a modern twist on a traditional jewelry box staple. Whether your style veers towards contemporary, bohemian or preppy, they’ve got you covered. In advance of holiday season, we sat down with Leslie and Lisa to get some tips on finding the perfect, personalized gift.

What makes charms such special holiday gifts?

They fill every occasion and life event. Whether it is for Christmas or to remember a special vacation, charms tell your story and are completely personal and meaningful. They are conversational heirlooms — each charm has a meaning behind it, and their timeless style makes them easy to share and pass down.

What different personalization options are available at Charmco?

Our whole process is personalized because we work with each client directly, whether it is for a single charm or a complete necklace or bracelet. We offer tons of engraving options and much of our selection can also be made in white or rose gold.

What are some gifting trends in the world of charm jewelry?

Group gifts are very popular right now. For example, we will have a group of girlfriends buy a bracelet for a friend’s birthday or baby shower and each friend selects a special charm. Or, we will have a group of grandchildren buy their grandmother a gift to symbolize all of her loved ones.

Layering is also a big trend right now. People are really embracing longer necklaces since they provide a modern way to wear charms —and keep your hands free for scrolling Instagram! People often come to us wanting to build a necklace that complements a pendant already in their collection.

We like to work with what people already have and elevate the style of it.

What are some pro tips for creating the perfect mix of charms?

We believe in a mix of vintage and new, and not worrying about everything looking orderly. Gold colors and charm sizes do not all have to match. We are not perfect, so why should our charms be? We are involved with each client order, and if we feel something looks completely off, we will reach out.

We all have holidays on the brain, but what other occasions are popular for gifting charms?

We really see it all — birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, homes or pets are classic moments as are Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. We also see a lot of clients creating a charm bracelet for graduation. It is a gift that can mark the achievement and grow with her to celebrate her accomplishments.

What advice do you have for charm beginners?

Start with something you love the most, and then build around it. Charm bracelets don’t always have to be loaded with charms. Showcasing one larger charm is a new modern take on the tradition.

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