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PaperCity Presents Dallas’ Best Dressed List

Dwight Powell, Shasa Mitcham, Doniphan Moore, Moll Anderson, and More are the City's Most Stylish

BY // 01.24.20

For the last few months, people have asked whether I was preparing my third annual Best Dressed List. Some might deride an eye towards sartorial splendor, but given the depressing news delivered to us daily, I say it’s important to look toward fashion for hope, inspiration, and escapism.

Herewith, Dallas’ finest as we look back on 2019:

Shelby Goff.jpg
Shelby Goff

Freshman Year

Our next generation of tastemakers who set the standard for the decade ahead. At times, they venture from the pack but generally have a keen eye towards the classics.
Bela Cooley
Shelby Goff
Jordan Jones

Shasa Mitcham, fragrance guru at Forty Five Ten

The Edgy Crowd

These are the peacocks amongst us. If anyone accuses Dallas of being conservative, we point to these fashion superstars. For them, style is not about labels, but rather about a mix of old and now, cheap and expensive. There are no rules, and we love them for that.
Jennifer Karol
Hanh Merriman
Shasa Mitchell

Brian Bolke and Faisal Halum
Brian Bolke and Faisal Halum

Chic à Deux

These couples radiate when together, with neither stealing the spotlight from the other. They are the yin to the other’s yang.
Brian Bolke and Faisal Halum
Deborah and John Scott
Margot and Darin Ruebel

Moll Anderson

Perennially Pretty

The world could be falling to pieces around them, yet somehow they always look picture perfect. They would have been the ideal models for famed portraitist John Singer Sargent. They love a pretty frock but also know that the greatest accessories are charm, wit, and a gracious demeanor.
Moll Anderson
Joyce Goss
Muffin Lemak

Dwight Powell shot for 2020 NorthPark Ambassadors, presented by PaperCity (photo by Ana Hop)

Boys (Dallas’ version of Lapo Elkann)

This set of gents looks incredible dressed down or up. True confession: We prefer our boys in a tuxedo or an impeccably tailored suit. Don’t we all need more James Bonds in our lives?
Crawford Brock
Doniphan Moore
Dwight Powell

ken downing
Ken Downing

Lifetime Achievement Award

Our hall of famers have stayed true to their inner style. They are consummately polished yet unfailingly unpretentious, as they have nothing to prove.
Ken Downing
Heather Furniss
Cindy Schwartz

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