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Finally, a Cool Clothing Brand for Fashionable Teenage Boys

A Dallas Family Created d.RT for the Next Generation of Forward-Thinking Young Men

BY // 11.11.20

A quick glance the inaugural collection from d.RT, a new Dallas-based fashion brand that launches today, would find it largely in line with today’s trendiest menswear. A cohesive, streamlined collection of luxe basics and frill-free fits, all deceptively simple but built to last. But there is one major differentiator: everything is designed specifically for teenage boys, a category often overlooked in the fashion industry.

That’s a realization Paula Bunson came to thanks to her younger brother Dylan Thompson, a fashion-loving teenager who became frustrating finding a fit between the boys’ and men’s sections. “Girls have the junior section, but young men really don’t have anywhere to go,” Paula says. She partnered with Thompson and her husband Brian to address that gap — both with innovative clothing designed to suit rapidly growing teenagers, and by creating an accessible brand for the next generation of forward-thinking young men.

The trio knew they were onto something when they nailed a suit that could grow with you, thanks to a whip stitch hem (a patent pending technology) that allows for adjustable sleeves and pants legs. From there came more tailored clothing, such as luxe tees, graphic hoodies, and accessories like slides, duffels, and snapbacks. The entire collection is washable, designed with a teenage boy’s active lifestyle in mind.

d.RT_Deuces Duffle_$210
d.RT’s Deuces Duffle in black, $228, and Magic Numba Slide in orange, $78

For all three founders, though, d.RT needed to go beyond innovative apparel. “It was really important for us to not only be a clothing brand, but a positive influence for young men. One that doesn’t currently exist that much in the marketplace,” Paula says. “Most young men have to access influencers and celebrities that are often quite a bit older, and maybe a little less relatable.” d.RT’s blog will be a destination for education on topics like styling, grooming, finance, and more. “We are a young men’s brand, but there’s no reason why a young woman couldn’t come to the site as well,” Brian adds. “We plan on being as diverse as possible with our look, feel, and the information we provide.”

The heart of d.RT, though, is 17-year-old Thompson, whose full initials (DRT) inspired the brand’s name. “I’ve been very into fashion my whole life,” he says. “So with this brand, I wanted to be able to share my passion for clothes with the world.”

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