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Dear Boyfriend — a Modest Modern Woman’s Dream Gift Wish List

A Public Service for Confused Boys Everywhere

BY // 08.28.19

There is an ever present list of wishes and wants in the notes section of my phone.  This morphing list contains items, experiences and destinations at the forefront of my mind, but it is probably not socially acceptable or responsible for me to buy myself any of these on a boring weekday whim.

Enter the significant other. The boyfriend is an assumed catchall for any extravagant gift and destination desires.

I want the latest yellow gold Day-Date Rolex watch.

I want to fly privately to Japan and dine with Takashi Murakami.

I want to eat ice cream if I ever have to visit Hell.

I turn to the other half to not only take note of these requests, but to make them happen. I’m confident one day the boyfriend’s going to go on a budget-free giving spree full of extravagance, so this list is pure preparation.

In true considerate girlfriend fashion, at its core, this list is made on the boyfriend’s behalf.  Making me happy should be a major priority, but I must be sure to highlight how this list is full of incredibly selfless requests that benefit the significant other (however indirect the benefits may be).

So in honor of all of those with lingering wish lists, I write this first (of many) letters to the proverbial boyfriends, the celestial gift givers, or the ones here on Earth, to make them aware of  current covets. After all, who doesn’t want help being a smart gift giver?

Dear Boyfriend,

Let me first present a few small trinkets that will add some pizzazz to my ensemble so this girl on your arm will be her most stylish self.

Since I’ll be on your arm, I’ll need to be equipped with an equally stylish handbag on mine. This Louis Vuitton floral Toupie will do the trick. Because we know the more eye catching and bold the accessory, the more compliments I’ll receive.

These charming Flower Earrings from Nak Armstrong picked straight from the garden of fine gemstones are a win-win. Armstong’s fine jewelry is hand-fabricated in Austin and has earned major accolades including a CFDA nod. Giving jewelry and flowers in one gift is the ideal two birds/one stone situation.

If you want me to join you on the dance floor at the next wedding celebration or charity gala, I’d be much more inclined t if I were rocking these fuchsia pumps fit for frolicking from design darling Chloe Gosselin.

Because I made the decision for us as a couple to be aspiring wine aficionados — and as a complement to that trip to Napa Valley I assume you’ll be taking me on in the not-so-distant future — a case (or five) of wine from new wine shopping app, Last Bottle, is the perfect way for us to hone our drinking craft. The app serves as a daily purveyor of fine wines from the region, most commonly from niche wineries looking to find appreciative homes for their last remaining stock of a certain vintage.

If you’re chronic missing me gets to be too much, a spontaneous, long weekend trip is a great option to double down on  quality time. Let’s venture to the silky cave formations and pristinely chic accommodations of Utah’s Amangiri hotel for a perfect combination of indulgence and adventure.

The Amangiri Hotel offers a chic oasis in the remote Utah desert.


As a way to show off your astute palette, please reserve seats for an Omakase tasting at a notable sushi spot. Nothing says you mean the most to me like a reservation made six months in advance. Perhaps a trip to Chicago to meet Chef Otto Phan, an Austinite who traveled North to earn serious approval for his eight-seat sushi restaurant, Kyoten.

To quench my thirst for  contemporary art, might I suggest this three dimensional Etch-a-Sketch re-creation by  artist Ben Steele. This one- time purchase will buy you thousands of my thoughts, as every glance of this uplifting work of art will make me think of how amazing you are for gifting me this badass piece of creativity.

Ben Steel Etch A Sketch Artist
Every view of a gifted art piece will remind the receiver of the wonderful, generous and refined person who gave it to them.

To satisfy your tech-junkie side and to end  future disagreements when it comes to the ideal sleeping temperature, this luxury chiliPAD Sleep System is stirring up some serious buzz of approval from  devoted couples. The newly released piece of technology allows each of us to control the temperature for our side of the bed. Most importantly, this  allows for optimum beauty sleep so that I literally glow in your presence.

I deeply appreciate this opportunity to offer  guidance on a selection of attainable and mutually beneficial gifts. I’ll make sure to send the inevitable future additions your way.

Sincerely Yours,

Your eccentric, slightly crazy and oh so selfless girlfriend

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