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Perfect Gifts for the One Percenters: This is What Your Rich Friends Really Want

BY // 12.14.18

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I count a few “one percenters” as dear friends. They freely admit that they often have first-class problems: “How possibly can we spend more time at each of our eight homes around the globe? I don’t think we even spent the night at our Jackson Hole place last year? Is it possible to buy five more days and have a 370 days a year calendar?”

That being said, what would one gift them for the holidays? With that challenge in mind, here is my Top 10 list of extravagant presents that might actually surprise them.

1. Hermès picnic basket. At a mere $14,700, it’s the perfect accessory for a walk from your Fifth Avenue pied-a-terre to a picnic in Central Park. It’s a way to make someone feel loved for under $15,000.

2. A commissioned portrait from either John Currin or Alex Katz. I’m not sure these famed artists even do commissioned portraits, but if they did I would venture to guess it would be at least $100,000-plus.

3. A Ken Fulk designed storm shelter. Never know when a twister might be a coming and you need to hunker down for a few hours or even days. Perish the thought of generic, cold concrete walls when the design impresario could create a subterranean chic space that will be the envy of all of your friends. Also, be sure to stock a couple of cases of Domain Andre Ramonet Montrachet (1998) down there.

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Kevin Fulk
Who wouldn’t want Kevin Fulk to design their storm shelter?

4. Dinner with Harry and Meghan. They are the IT couple of our times and everyone is dying to know every detail of their lives. The powerhouse duo are also famously private. However, given the many charities they support, I am guessing that a significant donation to one of those organizations might yield at least a meet and greet. Perhaps a charitable donation of $250,000?

5. The famed Beck house in Preston Hollow designed by Philip Johnson. Once again on the market, and now at a bargain price of $23,000,000. If you are having an illicit affair, perhaps this is the ideal hideaway for romantic afternoon trysts.

6. Martin Schongauer’s Death of the Virgin (circa 1470-1474) which will be part of Christie’s Old Master Prints auction in late January 2019. It’s estimated to go for $200,000 to 300,000.

7. Gucci Guccify Birch Scented Candle at an unbelievable $630. Hey, at that price I’ll take three. Inspired by artisan workshops in Florence, Gucci’s scented candle is infused with birch, orange leaves and beeswax notes to create a fresh yet heady scent. It’s crafted in Italy with a white porcelain vessel, complete with Richard Ginori cat motif, then printed with the house’s new ‘Guccify’ slogan across the outside.

8. Judith Leiber Horoscope collection line featuring evening bags inspired by all 12 signs of the zodiac. The Gemini (May 22- June 21, that’s me BTW), symbolized by the twins, is known for its dual nature and curious and quick-witted personality. The clutch features a dazzling handset crystal design inspired by tattoo-art. You can even take your bag to the next level by customizing it with a nickname or monogram.

9. Tom Ford’s large black alligator Buckley duffle bag. Likely named in honor of his husband, Richard (Buckley), this is the perfect size to throw in a Vilebrequin bathing suit and the toiletries bag you kept from your last flight on Emirates. Off to Jamaica you go looking like a proper dandified jet-setter.

10. What boy or girl in your life doesn’t need a muscle car for running errands or to make an ultra cool entrance to the Mansion on a Friday night? I never knew that one could find all sorts of vintage fun automobiles on eBay and I recently spotted this 1970 Buick GSX (it looks like they are hoping for a $240,000 bidder).

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