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The Glamorous Crowd’s Skincare Guru Reveals All

Don’t Look Like Donald Trump or Joe Biden — a Man’s Guide to Beauty

BY // 03.22.17

When it comes to skincare for all my glamorous friends, from Munich to Dubai, Moscow to London, Dr. Timm Golueke is the go-to-specialist. On the eve of his trip to Dallas to present his new skincare line Royal Fern to the very beauty- and fashion-conscious Texan crowd, I chatted with my longtime friend about his work, his sense of style, and mostly about how us men are finally catching up with the ever-growing desire to look youthful and well groomed.

So, how does Golueke inspire confidence and admiration in his clients? Might it be his towering 6-foot-4 stature, his calm and reassuring poise, his perfectly smooth skin, or perhaps that extra M at the end of his first name he blames on his hippie parents? (He was born in 1968 in the midst of the ‘student revolution’ in Europe.)

He laughs and replies he is a dermatologist first and a beauty advisor second. The idea of launching his own skincare line was something he worked on for a long time to make sure his international clientele could have products to use in between appointments at his Munich-based clinic.

Golueke first came to know about the natural properties of royal fern after he studied findings from an American hospital that identified properties from this extremely resilient plant that can protect skin cell DNA from UV rays. After all, he tells me, ferns are plants that have an incredible capacity to retain moisture and are evergreen; there must have been something we could learn and steal from them!

Royal Fern plant

These days, ladies are extremely well-informed about taking care of their skin, but men still find it daunting: too many options, too many products, and, at times, too many promises. Golueke himself designed the packaging of his line to be minimalist and gender-neutral. He wants it to appeal to both sexes as the danger of sun exposure, smoking, chaotic lifestyles, and damage caused by fine particles in the air know no gender.

Chronic inflammation that comes from these air pollutants can lead to loss of collagen and therefore speed up the aging process. The first line of defense, he explains, is cleansing and moisturizing properly.  suggests men ditch old-fashioned shaving creams and aftershaves (for good) for a more gentle cleansing foam and moisturizing cream. For the more advanced, he created an anti-aging serum that can be applied just once or twice a week.

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I challenged Golueke on the realistic results and promises of all the products out there, especially now that so many brands are recognizing the growing market that modern metrosexual men represent. He agrees with me — if you are blessed with good DNA, then genes do represent as much as 70 percent of how your aging process develops. (We all know that “after-sex glow” cannot be bottled!) But for all of us with, let’s say, “less fortunate circumstances,” there is hope.

He cautions men on not becoming too obsessed with lines and to beware invasive procedures like Botox and fillers that can change your “male expressiveness.” The risk is that men who feel the pressure to look younger fall into the trap of doing too much and developing a “very feminine appearance.”

Dr. Timm Golueke

As all my friends know, my eyebrows are my most important communication tools, so I have been consciously avoiding Botox. I’ve also been noticing that several major face care disasters seem to be not in Hollywood, but on Capitol Hill. Apparently, the men from our political elite want to avoid looking like Winston Churchill and feel that in order to inspire trust and confidence, they need to step up their skincare game — but how?

Women had decades, if not centuries, to perfect their beauty routines, while men now have to quickly learn the tricks of the trade without falling into ridicule.

From the President (with his orange-tan complexion) to Joe Biden (whose forehead appears ever-so-slightly lifted), men from both sides of the aisle have been under pressure and scrutiny regarding their appearance. During the 2004 presidential race, buzz surrounded John Kerry’s conspicuously plump face; Paul Manafort, after becoming chairman of the Trump campaign, quickly sported brand new reddish-brown hair; and it’s no secret press secretary Sean Spicer had to run to a tailor the day after his first press briefing.

Golueke’s advice? Keep it simple, keep it natural, and keep a mirror. Also, beware of losing too much weight — after a certain age, it immediately shows on your face.

Dallas friends will have the chance to meet Dr. Golueke at Forty Five Ten on Main, Saturday, April 8. As they say: If it has German engineering, we can trust it!

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