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Hermès Dream Splurges — What We Want Most of All

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BY // 09.24.19

We should call this our ode to the orange shopping bag. It’s a pretty expensive vice: the love of all things Hermès. Hopefully, my adoration comes from the elegance and supreme craftsmanship that goes into everything that the storied luxury house creates. Or, maybe it’s just the Asian label whore in me.

For the latest Now Hear This PaperCity Dallas office question, I decided to pose my friends here at the office with a dream scenario. You are given a magical unlimited gift card (it’s orange) to use at Hermès.

What is the one item you want to have come home with you? Perfectly wrapped up in an orange bag, of course.

Christina Geyer, Dallas Editor-in-Chief

With an unlimited charge card destined for Hermès, I would buy all the furniture. All of it. My home would be lush and probably have a do-not-touch sign on everything, but still.

If you’ve ever popped upstairs in the salon at Highland Park Village, you’ll understand my need for every single thing.

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I would also like to use my funds for a never-ending supply of silk scarves — a collection of mine that I started last year and will continue for years to come.

hermes three-seater bench
Every piece of furniture, from this three-seater bench to an oxblood daybed, is glamorous.

Lisa Collins Shaddock, Senior Editor

When I was in middle school I asked my parents if I could begin training in dressage after I learned that Hermès provided equestrian outfits and accessories for elite riders in France. They said no.

However, if I were to be gifted an Hermès saddle, I would surely have all the motivation I’d need to take up the sport.

Billy Fong, Culture and Style Editor

I’m sort of torn. The most practical item for me to take home would be a Birkin 40 (B40) in navy blue. This is the largest size of this bag and is perfect for travel. I’d love to act like a jet-setter with this beauty thrown over my shoulder.

However, there are two fun items that I recently came across. One is the Boucleries Modernes longboard that goes for a mere $4,300. Since I have pretty good insurance here at the magazine, it might be fun to take up skateboarding again.

I love how they describe it on the website: “This longboard is the ideal transport for traveling through the urban jungle with hair blowing in the wind or for a leisurely stroll. It combines outdoor sport and mobility equipment and tells the colorful story of Hermès silk scarves.”

hermes boucleries longboard
The longboard isn’t an obvious choice, but it’s an ultra-satisfying one.

The other item that might be nifty to have is the Home Sweet H Robe. It comes in blue and the classic orange, so that’s a no brainer — the classic orange. It would be ideal for lounging around the house in the morning while sipping my tea and reading The New York Times.

Megan Ziots, Dallas Digital Reporter

I would go for the Birkin bag. Mainly because it’s the classic Hermès bag and Rory Gilmore got one from Logan in Gilmore Girls all those years ago. It was pink and came in a bright orange box. Rory’s reaction when she opened it: “Wow, cool. A bag!” not knowing that it costs almost $15,000.

“Not just a purse, it’s a Birkin bag,” Logan replies. “I went to school with a guy name Birkin,” says Rory.  I would have the exact same reaction, as I am no handbag connoisseur. Pink isn’t really my color. I’d go with black or a bright red.

Jess Dudley Prescott, Dallas Advertising Director and Associate Digital Publisher

In my Hermès bag, I would love to find a classic black leather/gold hardware Birkin with a twilly scarf to put on the handles.

Linda Kenney, Account Executive

What a lovely gift to receive — something from Hermès. C’est genial! As I left the store in glee, my shopping bag would be holding the Cape Cod Chaine d’Ancre watch.

I adore this watch; with the rectangular shape in steel and anchor chain motif on the dial, I know it would wear well with my preferred silver jewelry. Certainly, the diamond bezel is a plus, but most of all, my Cape Cod watch would conjure the fondest memories of summers on the Cape.

Avery Cooper, Dallas Intern

I would want my fabulous little orange bag to hold a vintage Birkin bag and the L’Ecrivain A5 Notebook to put inside to take with me everywhere to write down any ideas I may have for my next story — nothing elaborate or fancy at all. I want to live out my Parisian novelist dreams in all her sophisticated glory.

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