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The River Oaks Crowd’s Beloved Skincare Queen Reveals New Additions for 2020

Beauty Gets High-Tech in the New Year

BY // 12.24.19

When 202o arrives the “new year, new you” slogans will kick off a January schedule chock full of workout classes, spa appointments and carved out time to study up on the newest cleanse detox regime.

Houston’s local aesthetician to the city’s bold-faced names, Deborah Michelson is upping her own game with exclusive skin care offerings and cutting edge products and machines. It’s all about getting your skin ready for a glowing new year.

The no gimmick, no B.S. skin care guru recently added the Remodeling Face Machine from the Biologique Recherche brand that she exclusively carries in Houston. After much research and continuing education with the French face experts and enduring an 18-month waitlist, Michelson brought the coveted machine from France to her Houston clients.

After in depth one-on-one training with Recherche’s director of education, Michelson is using this groundbreaking microcurrent machine in her chic facial room in the swank River Oaks District hair salon Bella Rinova.

“It makes your skin feel alive,” she says.

This machine is a nonsurgical replacement for botox and fillers. Microcurrents push three different electrical currents into the skin, which resculpt the facial muscles and lift the superficial and deep tissue as well as penetrating the serums and beauty products deeper into the layers of the skin. The machine forces facial skin to perk up and makes your face feel and look tighter. Eyelids and lower facial skin should appear tighter a few days after the painless treatment.

Many of Michelson’s devotees will come in for the full treatment which involves a weekly visit for six weeks followed by a once a month treatment combined with their regular facial appointment. Many clients get on her packed appointment list to do the machine treatment for a pre-event skin boost before special occasions — weddings, high-profile society galas, etc. . .

Michelson’s talent for snagging exclusive access to hard-to-acquire beauty products doesn’t stop with Biologique Recherche. She now carries the Medical Beauty Research line hailing all the way from Germany. Once again, Micheson is the only one in Houston to carry it.

This more medically focused skincare line is touted for having “revolutionary” anti-aging properties. The Pièce de résistance is the Liquid Surgery, a super cream whose name says it all. The $1,750 ticket price for one 1.7 ounce bottle does not stop the product from flying off Michelson’s shelves.

Another product, the Creme Extraordinary has gold flakes in it to assist with super hydrating properties. For a cool $350, your face will literally be glowing.

It’s almost a new you for the new year.

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