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Christian Louboutin’s New $90 Lip Colour Proves He’s Serious About Cosmetics

BY // 08.13.15

It’s safe to say that everything Christian Louboutin creates is coveted by women (and now, even men; my boyfriend has been drooling over a pair of Christian Louboutin sneakers for months) everywhere.

His signature red-lacquered soles have become a necessary staple in closets worldwide. Last summer, the shoe savant changed the game with the release of his luxury nail lacquers — a product that actually takes the brand full circle, as Louboutin once painted the soles of a prototype shoe with nail polish to achieve the vibrant rouge hue for which he is known today.

If you thought Louboutin’s foray into beauty was a fluke, think again. He’s back with his second beauty venture: lipstick. Much like his other collections, it’s anything but ordinary. Ergonomically designed for easy maneuvering, the collection draws inspiration from Queen Nefertiti of Egypt — the tubes flaunt a regal bodice and a turret-like crown in place of the traditional lipstick cap.

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour comes in 38 shades in variations of silky satin, sheer voile and velvet matte. The iconic Rouge tinge will be the star of the collection, encased in its own unique packaging — a black case with gold and silver accents — while the other shades are covered in gold (Louboutin’s rouge nail lacquer displayed an eight-inch bottle cap, the same length of the Louboutin heel).

Christian Louboutin sees Queen Nefertiti of Egypt as the ideal image of beauty. The model wears a necklace of Louboutin Lip Colour.

With a $90 price tag, this lip color will be one of the most expensive on the luxury market, but the collection is far more than a mundane lipstick doomed to be lost in the bottom of your handbag. It’s a work of art. Display it on your mantel as a conversation starter, or wear it around your neck as a statement piece.

The collection, which launched September 1, is available at christianlouboutin.com 

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