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10 Most Wanted Men’s Wardrobe Updates — Top Styles for Summer

Breezy Designer Accents That Don't Necessarily Require "Hard Pants"

BY // 05.26.20

I‘ve tried to do more men’s fashion features in the past few years. With the demise of magazines like Details that were a wonderful go-to for fashion, it’s become increasingly harder to find great content for boys. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to drool on my screen as I research what’s interesting and exciting currently on the market.

My birthday is actually around the corner, so this was also an excuse to put together my fantasy list of new items for my wardrobe. I believe in classics but also know that it’s important to mix things up with more en vogue pieces to catch a fellow fashionista’s eye when you walk in the room.

The recent coronavirus lockdown has made many out there slightly complacent when it comes to their wardrobe decisions — perhaps buying more athleisure and loungewear and shunning the idea of wearing “hard pants.” Well, the world has slowly begun to open up once more, and it’s time to bring our A-game back to our dressing.

In no particular order, here is my top 10 list of men’s fashion items that would make great additions to any gentleman’s arsenal for the summer months ahead. (I didn’t include any swimsuits and am working on that story now. That’s taking more research into what seems appropriate during our current socially distanced worlds. Look for it in the coming days.)

calfskin penny loafer, $1,150, available at
Calfskin penny loafer, $1,150, at

Thom Browne RWB calfskin penny loafer: This designer’s creations are my Viagra. They are old-school preppy, but with a twist that makes them wonderfully subversive in men’s fashion. These shoes are perfect for a summer barbecue or garden party. They’re probably best paired with some seersucker and a Moscow mule. Plus, given that they’re red, white, and blue, you will seem incredibly patriotic if you wear them on Independence Day.

Goyard monogrammed credit card case: I have yet to own something from this hallowed luxury-goods company, which was founded in France in 1853. I think a credit card case — monogrammed, of course — is the best way to dip my toe in the water without breaking the bank. What makes Goyard’s leather goods so desirable is the fact that acquiring them is difficult. They offer no online sales platform, scoring gently used items is very rare via consignment stores and websites, and few retailers carry Goyard.


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A look from the S/S 2020 Tom Ford runway with requisite sunglasses.
A look from the Spring/Summer 2020 Tom Ford runway with requisite sunglasses.

Tom Ford sunglasses: I have quite a few pairs, and you might question: Why so many? Well, eyewear should reflect the mood you’re in, and my mood changes daily. Major Tom has perfected the design of glasses — immediately recognizable via the T-shaped detail that goes from the side to the front. Grab a new pair of his sunglasses before heading to the pool to work on your summer tan.

Orlebar Brown navy blue polo, $445, available at Stanley Korshak and
Orlebar Brown navy-blue polo, $445, at Stanley Korshak,

Orlebar Brown polo shirt: On a recent trip to check out what was available (and perhaps on sale) in men’s fashion at Stanley Korshak, I happened upon this shirt. It has an insouciant vibe with echos of a bygone era of decadent parties where perhaps a fishbowl was pulled out for guests to drop their keys into after they were sufficiently tipsy on mai tais. (Hope you got my 1970s swingers reference.) Remember, a mustache might be required as the key accessory to do this shirt justice.

Gucci rubber fisherman sandals: This is likely the edgiest item on my list. I first encountered these sandals about two years ago and gravitated towards them. Was I going to laugh or covet them? Honestly, in that moment, I didn’t know. The fact that they stayed on my mind all this time has made me realize that I desperately want them. Unfortunately, they now only come in black (when they first came out, they were offered also in deep green), but I think they are perfect for so many outfits: shorts, suits, ripped-up baggy jeans. They give off the very nerdy “I don’t care” hipster aesthetic that Gucci’s Alessandro Michele has perfected over his years as creative director.

mens fashion summer
Bucket hat, $320, at the Burberry boutique,

Burberry bucket hat: With the summer months and sunny skies ahead, it’s important to up one’s hat inventory. A good bucket version like this is perfect for both casual (high-end shopping) and even more casual (grocery shopping).

Dior and Shawn oversized polo shirt, $890, available at
Dior and Shawn oversized polo shirt, $890, at

A shirt from the Dior x Stüssy collaboration: One of my favorite streetwear brands — I’ve been wearing their designs since my ne’er-do-well days hanging with skateboarders and punk rockers in high school — was enlisted by Dior men’s creative director Kim Jones to partner on some designs. A shirt would be great to score from this highly anticipated (same kind of hype as Louis Vuitton and Supreme teaming up) collection. But, honestly, anything would be the object of great envy from those in the know.

mens summer accessories Medium soft bucket bag in textile, $1,300, available at Celine boutiques and
Medium soft bucket bag in textile, $1,300, at the Celine boutique,

Celine tote: Every season comes with added junk to lug around. That said, I definitely need sunglasses (see my Tom Ford suggestion above), SPF to avoid burning, summer reading (I’m about to order Slouching Towards Los Angeles, which includes an essay by my friend Heather John Fogarty), and, of course, this summer’s most essential accessory: a face mask. It’s going to take a chic carryall to maneuver with all of this in the months ahead.

Opyum bracelet in python, $375, available at Saint Laurent boutiques and at
Opyum bracelet in python, $375, at the Saint Laurent boutique,

Saint Laurent bracelet: I always attempt to find some jewelry to place on a list of men’s fashion items. That said, it’s often a watch — but, frankly, during the era of coronavirus, time has become fluid and meaningless. Instead, I think it’s time to show your rock ‘n’roll side with some Saint Laurent jewelry. If you don’t have pierced ears, go with a simpler item, such as one of their bracelets that incorporate the iconic YSL logo. You’ll definitely want to throw on some Zeppelin when heading out for the night with one of these adorning your wrists.

mens fashion summer Nothing But a Dreamer scarf, $770, available at Hermès boutiques and
Nothing But a Dreamer scarf, $770, at the Hermès boutique,

Hermès scarf: It’s smart to pick-up a new scarf annually to reflect your current state of mind. The hallowed luxury label puts out a variety of updated prints, often with whimsical names. I couldn’t help but adore one called Nothing But a Dreamer. If anything, I think we all need to channel our inner dreamer to make it through the mundane summer days ahead. A friend recently described his overall feeling as one of malaise. A jaunty new Hermès scarf is perhaps the best way to remedy that general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify (in case you were wondering, that’s the definition of “malaise,” which seems to have plagued many of us during this shelter-in-place time of our lives).

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