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The Millennials’ True Luxury

Travel Replaces Goods and This Designer’s Noticed What Young Women Really Want

BY Samantha Klaassen // 09.29.16

Rebecca Minkoff‘s fall 2016 collection, which was inspired by her travels and adventures abroad, reflects the experiences of a young cosmopolitan woman.

“Travel seems to be the new luxury that millennials are spending their money on,” Minkoff told us during a recent personal appearance at Neiman Marcus Willow Bend. “It’s the things you collect along your travels that are more special, so the embroideries [and] some of the studs we use have a small take on something special that you found somewhere.”

Minkoff’s contemporary customers and their jet-set lifestyles are the driving force behind her designs. The use of modern patterns paired with suede and leather are reminiscent of the charming and confident woman the designer had in mind when creating the collection.

“She has a fearlessness to her and she’s going through really important firsts in her life. It’s not just her first job and her first boyfriend,” Minkoff added. “It’s the first time she asks for a raise or the first time she quits a job, so we’re looking at being the brand that’s there for her during those important moments.”

Minkoff also described her inspiration as a downtown romantic: “She has a soft side that’s more bohemian, but always keeps it edgy.”

Rebecca Minkoff, available at Neiman Marcus.

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