He left me the watch when he died: a Hamilton World War II military model that I wind daily, and it was both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that I will always have a part of him, but his gift also afflicted me with an obsession for watches. They speak to me of order, of elegance, of plans and milestones, and venturing outside without one on my wrist produces a strange feeling.

Indeed, in my book, a man is not a gentleman unless he wears a timepiece. It’s perhaps impossible for me to own every watch I desire, but the creations here would be a fine start for any gentleman’s collection. Be it rose gold or platinum, leather band or metal bracelet, these mechanical masterpieces deserve a place on your wrist (or, in one case, in your pocket). And one day, your largesse might well spark yet another obsession.

Click on the names of the watches at the top left of the page for further information and technical specifications.

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