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A New South Korean Beauty Shakes Up the Skin Game: An Age-Correcting Force Fights the Makeup Cake

BY Rachel Lefferts // 07.27.16

After trying the newest foundation cushion from AmorePacific, we might never revert to our liquids and powders.

The Age Correcting Foundation Cushion is the latest compact from the 70-year-old South Korea-based beauty brand, known for its many variations of said cushion. Delivering a dewy complexion with each dab of the soft pillow, the foundation blends rare and potent Asian botanicals, including its patented Green Miracle T, which helps improve skin density.

(Fun fact: AmorePacific has 500 acres of green tea fields on South Korea’s Jeju Island, and sells tea beverages in its O’sulloc Tea House.)

Why we love the new foundation: It’s easy to apply, plus you don’t need to worry about getting your fingers caked with makeup. And, it has SPF 25, protecting your face from the sun. The cushion comes in five different shades; scoop one up at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom, or via AmorePacific’s website.

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