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The New Wedding Rules

Intimate Affairs Are The Hot Exceptions

BY Julian Leaver // 02.11.16

This is Texas. The land of bigger is better: big hair, big diamonds and (naturally) big glamorous weddings. But what if you dared to be different? What if, instead, your big day was bespoke?

Herein, the new rules for the ultimate intimate wedding

The List. When crafting your guest list, remember that intimate is not a size, it’s a feeling. Whether your roll is five guests or 100, what matters most is how they relate to you and to each other. A curated setting where everyone feels comfortable mingling during a weekend full of events is crucial in setting the right tone.

The Location. Now that you have the perfect list, it is time to find the location that is going to be just the right fit. Perhaps you love a historic home or a cozy art gallery, or even a ballroom that is a bit on the smaller side. Whichever you choose, it is key to create thoughtful spaces within your venue to allow your guests’ interactions to take on a special meaning. Ideally, everyone will depart with lasting memories. Which brings me to my next must …

The Ambiance. Whether your group is small enough to fit at one long King’s table or is split up at various rounds, the central element here is the delicate art of the seating chart. Who sits by whom is critical to ensuring a good time is had by all, so make sure not to breeze over this all-important task. And, of course, remember the mantra of candles, candles and more candles!

The Details. Allow no detail to be left unexamined. From the napkins to the chargers to the place cards and beyond, the little details make a good party great. Think of these personal touches as gifts from you, the couple, to share with your assembled guests. Your monogram strategically placed on votive wraps down a long table, or little snippets of your favorite dates on the cocktail napkins — each of these elements adds to the magic of a flawless evening.

And last, but never least, The Menu. It goes without saying that intimate equals plated: A three-course, a four-course, a tasting or more. (And if you are looking to take it to the next level, a wine pairing never hurt a soul.) The act of breaking bread with one’s neighbor and sharing a story or two is the perfect way to build memories, whether your guest list numbers 100 or 22.

So, it’s time to go forth and begin. In the land of big guest counts, big venues and big bands, never forget that the most important things are big, breathtaking memories.

Julian Leaver, CWP, is the area director of catering sales and events for Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek and Rosewood Crescent. His 12-year career in hospitality, event planning and etiquette has touched every facet of the industry, from luxury hotels to corporate events to large-scale event production. Leaver is an avid traveler and is an active volunteer and supporter of several charitable organizations, including The Birthday Party Project, The Housing Crisis Center, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, The Dallas Museum of Art and The Lee Park Junior Conservancy. Follow him on Instagram @julianleaver #TheDapperDiplomat.

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