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Rachel Zoe Does Dallas

Mad Hatting, Selfies, Friends and OMG Moments

BY India Pougher // 04.28.17

When we think red-carpet best dressed or California-cool, no one comes to mind quicker than stylist Rachel Zoe. The style icon, TV personality, designer, and mom jetted to Dallas on Thursday for a whirlwind round of events with Tootsies (she was the guest of honor at a party hosted by Janelle Friedman last night) and to show her latest collection at the annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, where she donned one of her signature boho looks — a blush off-the-shoulder maxi-dress from her Spring 2017 collection and an impossibly chic netted veil.

Moments before Zoe held court over her own Mad Hatter’s hat competition at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, we chatted up the queen of celebrity style on everything from selfies to Friends to Texas-sized shopping.

PaperCity: Favorite Dallas spots?

Zoe: Obviously Tootsies, of course. What’s been great for me is when I come I get to meet these incredible women and go to their homes — and for me that’s even better because it’s more personal. I’ve stayed at the Ritz, here. I’ve stayed at the Crescent. There’s so much to do here, honestly. I was saying to my husband last night we need to come here not for work — so we can actually, like, see Texas. And, you know, I think it’s so beautiful here.

PC: Must-haves from the Rachel Zoe Spring 2017 collection?

Zoe: Ooh … Honestly, so many of the women are wearing them today, which is so nice. The gold suit she’s wearing [Zoe points past me] in the shorts right there … This one, of course [she looks down at her own dress]. This is one of my favorites.

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The gold suit in particular I love because it’s just a change. It’s kind of like a twist on a classic suit. And I love suits, but it makes it just so much easier for spring/summer. Because, you know, you typically go towards black but to wear gold I feel like is so fresh and spring-y — and super glamorous.

PC: Do you have a favorite pair of jeans?

Zoe: I do. You know, it’s funny. Other than the ones I’ve made in my collection over the years — the ones that I’ve made I really live in, because they’re exactly the cut I like, the flare, super-long kind of a bell-bottom, but not too severe — I love Frame. Frame Denim is amazing. I love their jean jackets and I love all of their jeans.

PC: Flare-jeans and bell-bottoms are back… 

Zoe: You know, it’s kind of all I wear. You know, I don’t really do skinny jeans. So, for me I like them kind of high waisted, the leg not super-tight, but kind of just skimming, and then a flare, but not a huge bell-bottom, like somewhere between a bell-bottom and a boot-cut. Split the difference. 

PC: Last picture you took on your iPhone? 

Zoe: Ooh … I think Roger and I just took one on the way here with my headpiece on.

PC: A selfie?

Zoe: Kind of, yeah. It was a selfie but — yes it was. It was a couple’s selfie of us.

PC: Last “OMG I DIE” moment?

Zoe: Honestly, when I walked in here. Seriously, when I walked in here. I mean, you don’t see anything like this in LA — or anywhere else I can imagine. This is just the best example of how you think about women in Texas. They just love glamour, and they love dressing up, and they love doing things that are, you know, so women-focused. And I love that. It’s so great.

PC: Biggest vice and guilty pleasure?

Zoe: Vice would be caffeine. Guilty pleasure would be… just, like, having a shut-in on a weekend and not leaving the house, and not getting dressed, and just being in a bathrobe with my kids, and, you know, just doing a whole lot of nothing — because it’s rare.

PC: Currently binge watching?

Zoe: Always the same: Friends. It just… It’s never not funny… I love every character on that show. I’ve been watching it since it was on, you know, the original. I know some of the actors and they’re just awesome.

PC: Most beloved expletive?

Zoe: I don’t know. I would say, it’s everything. I would say, it’s everything.

PC: You don’t hold back?

Zoe: It’s like when you can’t describe it, that’s just everything, you know?

PC: Last fashion faux pas you spotted?

Zoe: There’s just so many. I don’t really judge in that way though. I really don’t. It’s just maybe how they can do it better. You know? The thing that I always notice the most is when young girls wear too much makeup and too much hair and think that it makes them look better, when they just are so naturally beautiful. Or, young girls getting too much work done to their faces.

PC: Your girl crush?

Zoe: Ooh … I have a few. Biggest girl crush? Kate Middleton, you know? She’s just awesome. She’s awesome.

PC: Tell us about your hat.

Zoe: This is Gigi Burris. It’s all Swarovski crystals and feathers. I just felt more comfortable, you know, in a headpiece.

PC: It’s really chic.

Zoe: I will say what’s weird is I don’t have sunglasses on and that never happens.

PC: But your veil still covers your face.

Zoe: Yes, so it still feels OK. But all I keep wanting to do is put sunglasses on.

PC: Advice for picking the perfect hat? You’re judging.  

Zoe: I am judging. I mean I’ll be honest, this is my first time doing this. So, do you have advice for me?

PC: What are you looking out for? 

Zoe: You know, it’s funny, sometimes I don’t think the one that maybe took the longest is necessarily the best — meaning the one that has more is not necessarily my favorite. I think that’ll be sort of the challenge for me: to kind of pick what I love versus maybe what’s the most intricate and elaborate. 

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