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Secrets to Being the Beach Girl Everyone Oohs Over

Hot Resort Wear Designer Gives Vacation Fashion Tips

BY // 06.24.17

Vacation magic is made in the moments when the stars align and you find yourself with the perfect combination of time, place and, most importantly, outfit. These are the elusive moments that inspired designers Raechel Temily and Kalita al Swaidi to create KALITA, and, with the line’s masterful blend of understated elegance and bold style, they are easy to attain – vacation or not.

The collection was handpicked by Forty Five Ten’s VP Creative, Women’s Fashion Director Taylor Tomasi Hill as the retailer’s first foray into resort wear and the recent launch has already been met with a sellout response.

We caught up with Temily about pro travel tips, her love affair with the women of Texas, and how to be that girl everyone else wants to be at the beach.

Travel can be an excuse to get out of your comfort zone and be more creative or adventurous with your style. Do you dress differently when traveling than at home?

All women want to feel at their best and most beautiful when they’re away somewhere amazing. We want to have those wow moments that embody the spirit of that place, or more importantly, the spirit of who we are in that moment. It’s actually really quite incredible how clothes can play such a significant part in how confident we feel, how adventurous we are, and how we see ourselves in the world.

I wore our new Clemence maxi dress in sunshine silk cotton for the first time by the pool at the Wynn in Vegas last weekend, and I have to admit, it was definitely one of those moments. The soft yellow really popped against all of the umbrellas and it was just the right amount of transparent to show my peekaboo Eres swimsuit underneath. It was definitely one of those ‘Ahhhh, this is exactly how I imagined it’ moments!

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Where do you look for inspiration?

It can come from anywhere — a faded patina, the colors of Cuba, the way a girl walks across the sand on the beach.

I remember what inspired me to start to design was this girl on the beach in Mykonos. I had put so much effort into on my holiday wardrobe and when I saw her I just wanted to throw all my clothes away and start again! Barefoot, hair tied in a scarf, bronzed summer skin and this tone-on-tone matching terracotta bikini and halter dress worn as a skirt.

It was just that holiday dream. The embodiment of that girl from Ipanema … when she passed by, everyone just went ‘ahhhhh.”


Spend summer days and nights in KALITA’s breezy tunics

What are your top three tips for planning a travel wardrobe

1. Always bring a dress that you feel great in — just as is, no matter what. Something that you don’t need the right shoes or the perfect hair day to feel confident wearing. It’s like a sartorial superwoman backup plan for any scenario!

2. Bring a black silk sash tie to belt maxi dresses or floaty tunics for an instantly more polished look.

3. Flat-pack silk pieces inside muslin dust bags to help keep them from getting creased and avoid dreaded situations like getting a little nick in the fabric from a zipper.

What does ‘elegance’ mean to you?

Feeling completely comfortable in your skin. No fussing, no adjusting, no apologizing. Just truly at ease with who you are. There’s an inner radiance and light that women get when they are wearing something that makes them feel confident. It’s less about what you’re wearing, and more about how you’re wearing it. That’s the kind of unforgettable style that comes to mind when you think of women who are truly elegant.

Forty Five Ten is one of the first retailers to launch your line in the U.S. — and we are excited to have you! How do you hope Dallas women will embrace your clothes?  

One of the things that we definitely share with Dallas is a love of show-stopping style. We do a lot of very exaggerated shapes, dramatic silhouettes and editorial looks. It’s not for the wallflower! When someone is wearing KALITA, all eyes are on her.

We’ve already had such a positive response so I think that this is going to be a long and beautiful love affair with us with the women of Texas!

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