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Cool-Girl Clothing Store Opens in Dallas, Proves Sexy Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

A New Way to Shop That’s Taylor Swift Approved?

BY // 09.14.17
photography Courtesy of Reformation

Reformation is officially open for business in Dallas’ Knox-Henderson neighborhood. If you’ve never heard of the celeb-loved clothing brand, you’ve probably seen its breezy sundresses and risqué bodysuits on the likes of Taylor Swift, Emily Ratajkowski, Rihanna and more. Reformation is simple, sexy and not crazy expensive – the perfect recipe for a loyal cool-girl following.

But there’s another thing that makes the brand stand out from the bunch: it proves that fast fashion and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive. Reformation tracks its environmental footprint and uses eco-friendly practices in nearly every aspect of its business, from fabric selection to energy-efficient factories (it had the first sustainable sewing factory in the U.S.) to recycled paper hangers in the store.

Yael Aflalo, whose family was involved with the fashion industry, founded the brand seven years ago after seeing the detrimental effects of the industry firsthand.

Since then, Reformation has grown into a wildly popular brand with several boutiques across the U.S., a booming e-commerce business, and an ubiquitous presence on Instagram. It’s sustainable clothing without the hippie-dippy look often associated with eco-friendly fashion.

Sustainable and stylish clothing brand Reformation has a new boutique in Dallas.

The brand has grown significantly in the last year alone, opening five new stores since February. The one on Knox-Henderson introduces a new shopping experience to Dallas.

When you walk inside, you may notice the chic, minimalist store looks a little more, well, minimal than it should. The clothing on the freshly-stocked racks have an unusual amount of breathing room. There is approximately one of each item hanging, but that’s not because they’ve already sold out (yet). This is a store of the future.

To try something on, you don’t need to file through the racks searching for your size; you simply walk over to one of the store’s touch screens and create a virtual dressing room. Then a store associate makes it a reality.

“Gone are the days of carrying around heaps of clothes, sipping on an iced coffee, while texting your friend about last night’s date,” says Dillan Arrick, who handles PR for the brand.

It’s a simple idea, but it’s also kind of genius. This way, the shopper and the store itself stay calm, cool and collected.

Reformation is officially open as of Thursday, September 14 at 2815 N. Henderson Ave.

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