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Fort Worth’s New Wellness Retreat Comes From Two Women on a Health Mission — the Story Behind Restore + Revive

Nurse Practitioner and Nutritionist Team Up On a Different Type of Health Center

BY // 02.05.20

On the corner of Byers Avenue and Penticost Street, in a bungalow-style home, you’ll find Restore + Revive Wellness Center. This new healthy Fort Worth retreat comes from Dabney Poorter and Taylor Dukes, a certified nutritionist and a family nurse practitioner who believe in a holistic approach.

“We want to look at everything holistically to fully optimize your health.” Poorter says.

With its interiors designed by local gurus Maven,  Restore + Revive is meant to be a true escape with soothing colors and a clean aesthetic.

Poorter, originally from Oklahoma City, and Dukes, originally from Austin, met around nine years ago in an exercise class that Poorter’s sister was teaching in Fort Worth. The two women went their separate ways, but their paths reconvened four years ago after both experienced health scares.

These periods of illness inspired Poorter and Dukes to turn to functional medicine. Poorter’s nutrition consulting business was formed as a result and Duke’s experience inspired her to go back to school to further her education as a family nurse practitioner.

“At the end of the day, we want to improve people’s quality of life and not just give them a pill,” Dukes says. “We like to spend a lot of time with our patients and clients to understand the full scope of what they’re going through.”

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Restore + Revive
Founders of Restore + Revive, Taylor Dukes and Dabney Poorter.
(Photo by Hannah Haston.)

Poorter specializes in nutritional and lifestyle consulting, food sensitivity testing and ZYTO scanning, a type of bio-communication scan that measures your body for galvanic skin response. For the past six years, Poorter’s nutrition consulting business was run out of the same space at 5001 Byers Avenue that Restore + Revive now occupies.

When she and Dukes founded Restore + Revive, they were able to bring all of the practitioners Poorter would refer people to under one roof.

Dukes uses functional medicine to find the root cause of one’s health issues rather than treating symptoms.

“So many people are trying so hard to eat well, but still find themselves struggling with gut issues, chronic pain, inflammation or even hormone imbalances,” Dukes says. “We look at everything holistically to truly treat it.”

She can test hormones and even use genetic testing, which can often indicate how one metabolizes certain medications and supplements, leading to decreased side effects. Genetic testing can also reveal genetic mutations that impact how a person absorbs nutrition and offer clues about deficiencies someone may have.

Poorter believe it can even reveal specific stressors that negatively impact your body, leading to a strategy on  how to combat those stressors. These treatments include in-house IV therapy or bi-weekly shots.

Restore + Revive’s Full Menu

Restore + Revive also offers many more services related to overall wellness. Infrared saunas are used to reduce inflamation. You can get an ionic foot soak to detoxify your body. Or indulge in a holistic bodywork/massage from specialist Tracie Graves.

Jessica Bowman, women’s physical therapist, can help women struggling with a multitude of issues.

Neuro-Integrative therapy by Leanna Rae is geared to help patients deal with trauma and stress.

Restore + Revive has also brought in a behavioralist who works with Kids Brain Tree. The behavioralist meets with kids one-on-one and teaches them how to express emotions and work though things with play therapy.

Holistic esthetician Christina Jett will join the team in March. Her specialty is understanding your skin and its relationship to the inner workings of the body.

Lastly, Restore + Revive has a fitness studio for personal training and small group classes. Offerings will include Pilates, TRX Yoga and HIIT boot camp-style classes.

Restore + Revive also debuts with a retail section. Supplements, clean and natural skincare and makeup products and other self care tools are on sale.

This is the retreat that Poorter and Dukes always wished they had.

“The timing of this entire venture was crazy,” Poorter says. “Everything worked out so perfectly. There is no way we could have planned it any better. We are so excited to be embarking on this journey.”

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