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10 Romantic Gifts That Will Wow Anyone — For Valentine’s Day or Any Special Occasion

When You're Going For An Over-the-Top Statement

BY // 02.09.22

Forget the chocolates and flowers, Romeos. We’re stepping out of the box and going over the top with our Romantic Gift Guide. This list is neither for the faint of heart nor the weak of discretionary income. For these luxe gifts are guaranteed to charm the most reluctant femme fatale as well as get those credit cards spinning.

Sorry friends, this is all about enchanting the ladies in your lives — not the men. This is your guide to the Best Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day or any day:

Heartthrob Caftans, Yes

La Vie Style House Heart Lace Mini Caftan

This romantic La Vie Style House caftan captured our romantic hearts the moment we saw the photo. The Dallas-based fashion brand — with boutiques in both Dallas and Houston — offers this beauty in both mini and maxi lengths. A similar Valentine’s-inspired caftan features white lace heart fabric accented with red embroidered hearts. The perfect gift for the gal in your life or for yourself. Cost: $750.

Gardenias & Candles

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 11.24.14 AM
Wide-wick ‘Campfire’ Vine & Bloom Box from High Camp Supply

We first encountered High Camp Supply on Instagram last year and quickly ordered a box of three dozen freshly cut gardenia blossoms for a dear friend’s birthday. This year, I’m swooning over High Camp Ephemeral Luxury’s candles. In particular the wide-wick “Campfire” Vine & Bloom box

Nestled among 24 freshly cut gardenias this large hand-painted glass candle features a wide wooden wick and the signature gardenia and palo santo scent. The candle is hand poured with black soy wax in the black glass vessel and white soy wax in the white vessel. Shipped straight from the California coastal farm. Cost: $425.

Caviar, Of Course

California-based Caviar Express offers a full range of Russian, Iranian and American caviar.

Instead of saving the delicacy of caviar for the Christmas holidays, we suggest you indulge on February 14. Nothing says love quite like a tin (or several) of beluga hybrid, Russian imperial ossetra, or California white sturgeon. We assume that most caviar fans have a preferred source for the delicacy whether it’s Petrossian or our personal favorite, Caviar Express, and have their favorite origin Russian, Iranian or American.

Outdoor Dining with Bering's

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Depending on your taste and your pocketbook, the options for caviar are plentiful. Examples: $600 for two ounces of Beluga Hybrid from Caviar Express, $406 for one ounce of Petrossian’s spectacular Petrossian Special Reserve Ossetra.

Fashionista Fun

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 11.38.15 AM
Lady Dior cell phone holder

For the lady who is unashamedly into accessory fashion statements, we think there is little more fun than Dior’s Lady Dior “phone holder,” pictured here in Cloud Blue Cannage Lambskin. (It’s also available in a few other colors.) It features a detachable D.I.O.R. charm and can be carried by hand or worn crossbody with its handle and removable chain strap. Cost: $1,150

Bubbly Best

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rosé

The rare cuvée Tattinger Comtes de Champagne rosé, always a vintage, is made only when the year has been exceptional and when all the demanding quality criteria have been met. It is divine, the perfect beginning for an evening of seduction. As ballet legend Rudolph Nureyev once said, “When I drink Comtes de Champagne rosé, I no longer dance, I fly…”

We would agree that with a glass of this elixir in hand, we do indeed fly. Cost: $259.99 at Total Wine.

Cowgirl Love

Elaine Red
Miron Crosby’s Elaine Red boot perfect for giving to your favorite gal on Valentine’s Day.

How appropriate that Valentine’s Day and rodeo season coincide making several of Miron Crosby‘s to-die-for western style boots a perfect gift fulfilling two needs. As they like to say, “cowboy boots are the new white sneakers.” What cowgirl or girly tinhorn wouldn’t want the ranch-to-runway boots that  embrace any occasion particularly Valentine’s Day with The Love Boot ($1,925), X & O Elaine ($2,295), or the Metallic Hot Pink Maggie ($975).

Seeing Red


Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 11.05.14 AM
Baccarat’s Eye round small vase in red

Love, love, love this shimmering vase, the wavy design of the crystal Eye vase comes from the rare technique involving exterior horizontal cuts and interior vertical cuts that combine to produce this magical visual effect. If red is the color of Valentine’s and your gift is a forever remembrance, this could be just the ticket. Cost: $550.

Desert Blossom Jewels

The Desert Blossom Collection – Dreamcatcher Drop Earrings, Tucson Eternity Ring,Zion Ring, Zion Cuff, Starburst Cuff, Rio Collar Necklace 1(1)
Christina Greene Desert Blossom Collection

As Houston-based jewelry designer Christina Greene expands her purview, we are on board with the Desert Blossom Collection which is a nod to her Texas roots, making the jewelry perfect for both Valentine’s, Cattle Baron’s and rodeo events. The statement pieces include necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings crafted from Kingsman turquoise from Arizona and 18-K gold plated brass settings. Cost: Ranging from $115 to $1,300.

Gucci, Gucci,  Ya Ya Ya

The updated Gucci Bamboo 1947 capsule collection comes in various sizes and colors.

Gucci, the iconic Italian brand, introduces a yummy retro design handbag Gucci Bamboo 1947, a fresh take on the handbag that was created out of need following World War II, when bamboo was substituted for hard-to-come-by raw materials. These bags come in mini, small, and medium. In any size, they’re beautiful works in which the bamboo top handle style is distinguished by interchangeable leather and web straps which cast a contemporary light on the sophisticated silhouette.

The charming bag is presented in various sizes and in a palette of vibrant colors. Cost: Varies by size and finishes bit generally run around $2,300.

Making Time

Harry Winston’s Year of the Tiger timepiece

As the Chinese Zodiac welcomes the Year of the Tiger, the king of all animals, Harry Winston presents a premier timepiece that depicts two tiger cubs on its dial along with gold rosettes inspired by the grand entryway leading into Harry Winston’s iconic Fifth Avenue Salon.  Wow, wow, wow. A limited edition of eight pieces, the watch portends of good fortune and happiness for years to come.

This 18-K rose gold beauty is comprised of 65 brilliant cut diamonds and one emerald cut diamond in the mother of pearl dial, and a red alligator band with 18-K rose gold buckle. Cost: If you have to ask, you probably cannot afford it.

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