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Dallas’ Most Sought-After Stylists Create the Vintage Shop of Your Throwback Dreams

Styling New Looks for a Bargain

BY // 08.09.17

Carlos Alonso-Parada and Kate Bohot dress some of Dallas’ most well-heeled residents and style glamorous photoshoots for local and national clients, PaperCity Magazine included. Alonso-Parada and Bohot are two of the city’s most sought-after stylists and they’re both represented by Seaminx Artist Management. Their services do not come cheap.

But there is one way that all Dallasites can take advantage of their fashion expertise on the bargain.

The pair started Shop Boa Vintage at Lula B’s Oak Cliff about a year ago. Tucked away in the basement of the antique mall, the booth is a treasure trove of eclectic one-of-a-kind pieces, handpicked by the stylists.

From glittering disco gowns to perfectly worn-in leather jackets, the shop stocks the best bits of every fashion era from the 1960s to the early 2000s.

Alonso-Parada and Bohot find these special pieces at estate sales, flea markets, far-flung vintage shops, and anywhere else that strikes their fancy.

“Luckily we enjoy the hunt and the search,” Bohot says. “It was something that we were kind of doing anyway, so we thought well we might as well make money off of it and start a store and share it with other people.”

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“We don’t really do it for the money,” adds Alonso-Parada. “We do it because this is our passion. We love clothes.”

As far as their personal style goes, Alonso-Parada loves to work 1990s grunge pieces into his everyday wardrobe, while Bohot has a penchant for the free-flowing clothes of the ’70s.

If you think you’re vintage isn’t for you, think again. These fashion experts advise that older pieces are the perfect way to add character to a new outfit, or create unique looks you won’t find anywhere else.

“The trends definitely cycle. You can see things here that are now in stores for a lot more money, but you can get the real, authentic pieces down here,” Bohot tells PaperCity.

Worried about looking dated? With the right items and thoughtful styling, vintage clothes are totally fashion forward.

“We like incorporating vintage into our styling – for personal styling and fashion. I just shot for Patron magazine and I incorporated vintage stuff. It’s nice that people appreciate that now,” Alonso-Parada says.

Lucky for you, Alonso-Parada and Bohot know exactly how to find the right pieces, and they’re willing to share.

They hope that Shop Boa can help people step out of their sartorial comfort zone and have a little fun.

“We promote individual style, that’s really what we want to do,” Alonso-Parada says.

And with two of Dallas’ best stylists guiding your foray into the world of vintage, it’s easy to create your new look with old clothes.

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