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Twentysomething Texas Fashion Blogger Starts Her Own Online Clothing Brand — the Story of White Flag

Tai Bowen Keeps It Creative

BY // 11.07.20

The COVID-19 pandemic inspired fashion blogger Tai Bowen to launch her own online store, White Flag ClothingThe 24-year-old graduated from Louisiana State University in 2018 and shadowed high-end designers like Tom Ford in New York City. After college, she moved to Houston and became a merchandise assistant and assistant buyer.

Bowen always dreamed of creating a luxurious brand, but at a modest demand inspired its name.

During Bowen’s sophomore year at LSU, a young woman asked to pray for her. She envisioned Bowen holding a white flag. Because she was holding the flag and surrendering herself to Christ, the girls following her would also surrender their lives to Christ, the woman told her.

Two years later when Bowen was ready to start her own fashion brand, the name came to her instantly: White Flag Clothing. 

Finding Your Own Style

White Flag Clothing offers a variety of garments for both women and men, from streetwear to formal attire. Whether a woman is rocking a signature sweatsuit or an elegant dress, Tai Bowen wants her to feel confident and beautiful. 

She takes pride in her creative process, carefully choosing designs that will encourage customers to build their own style. 

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White Flag Clothing offers a variety of garments for both women and women, from streetwear to formal attire.

“The fashion world is very fast and trendy right now,” Tai Bowen tells PaperCity. “I want my clothes to be affordable but still have a luxurious feel. I don’t want our buyers to think that if they wear our clothes one time, they are never going to wear it again.” 

White Flag’s online debut was a success and many featured items sold out. “Customers love our sweatsuits that come in many different colors. Last restock, they sold out in a matter of minutes,” says Bowen, who looks forward to opening her own brick-and-mortar store one day. 

The essentials collections features casual wear including long shorts, branded T-shirts, and cozy leggings.

White Flag’s New Looks

White Flag Clothing recently launched its Essentials collection of casual wear, including long shorts, branded T-shirts and cozy leggings. 

The C’est La Vie collection features pieces that are perfect for a night on the town. The tie-up Noli top is already a customer favorite.

White Flag is also supporting the fight against breast cancer by introducing a line of pink clothing. Ten percent of all proceeds from the exclusive drop will be donated to a breast cancer organization, according to Bowen.

Customers can look forward to a new color wave for the signature sweatsuit, coming out next week. For a preview of part one of the winter campaign, coming out at the end of 2020, click thru the photo gallery above this story.

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