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The Green Beauty Queen Shares her Best Natural Secrets

Seven Questions with Tata Harper

BY // 06.26.17

Natural beauty products have a bad reputation. They’re often considered ineffective, or, even worse, unglamorous. Luckily, Tata Harper found a way to harness the power of Mother Nature with her chic namesake line of skincare products. Since the Colombian-born beauty expert launched her all-organic brand about seven years ago, it’s been praised by beauty critics and celebrities alike – even Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan.

Packaged in frosty, green glass bottles with gold lids, these products break the natural skincare stereotype, delivering results without compromising luxury.

Harper stopped by Neiman Marcus Downtown in Dallas last week and PaperCity sat down with the skincare mogul to chat about common beauty mistakes, the power of botanicals, and why now is the time to go au naturel.

What would you tell someone who is hesitant to switch over to a natural skincare routine?

That natural skincare is really the ultimate luxury and that you don’t need synthetic chemicals to be beautiful. There’s really nothing to be hesitant about! The majority of skincare technology right now is coming from natural ingredients — all the innovation, the majority of new things for skincare, so there shouldn’t be any hesitation.

And that’s something that really stands out about your products, that they’re just as potent as any product with chemicals.

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Absolutely. And if people would really understand, when they look at the back of the box and they read all the ingredients and they figure out, “what are the ingredients in here that are really working for my skin, and what are the ingredients that are just preservatives and emulsifiers and stabilizers?” They would realize that the majority of things that are working for their skin are the natural ingredients, and that’s the case not only for a 100 percent pure line like mine, but also for a line that relies on algaes, or relies on orchids — all the legacy brands…

It’s typically a natural active that’s doing the work.

I read that a lot of the ingredients are actually grown on your own farm — is that true?

No. So, we have a farm where we make the product, meaning we are completely vertically integrated. We are not like the majority of the beauty companies that outsource production, and fill, and packaging and distribution to a distributor. We like to do it all ourselves because we are obsessed with the quality and the freshness of our products. We want to make sure that the products from the time that they were made to the time that they actually get to our clients that they’re super super fresh.

But we bring technology and ingredients from all around the globe. Like last time we counted it was a total of 58 countries.

We do grow some herbs to make one ingredient that we make on the farm, that is called the Estate Grown Beauty Complex, that has five herbs that we grow on the farm.

What are some new products that you’re excited about?

We just launched a new mask. That’s called the clarifying mask, it’s our first green mask, so it’s really exciting. It’s really for complexion perfecting, so it’s great for reducing pores, reducing redness. You know, you want your skin to look amazing before a night out for example, so that mask is really good. I’m really excited about that. I’m obsessed with it — I used it this morning, I love love love.

What is your advice for Texas women for taking care of their skin in this heat and humidity? What would you recommend?

I think that I would recommend our daily exfoliant, the regenerating cleanser, because that helps remove excess sebum and excess buildup that you get when climates are very humid. Also, I think that our liquid moisturizer, the hydrating floral essence is great for here and you can use it even to refresh on top of makeup. And our masks are great to clean up the pores.

What’s the biggest skincare mistake you see women making?

A lot of people think that cleansing is like a basic activity and that all cleansers are the same because they are wash-off, and who cares, you might as well use bar soap because it’s just about cleaning the skin — but using detergents creates a lot of barrier degradation and it’s really not a great strategy to be cleaning with detergent. You should pay a lot of attention to the cleanser that you’re using so that you’re not stripping the skin and removing moisture from the skin. So try to use more treatment cleansers, like ours for example.

What’s next for your line?

In August we are launching our new iconic cream that’s called Creme Riche. It comes in a jar, this is our first cream in a jar, it has a total of 46 actives. That’s what we’re really known for, that our products don’t necessarily rely on one ingredient, like the majority of the lines, it’s about harnessing the power of many different botanicals working together.

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