The Holidays are here — and you need more than a little trinket that will be forgotten next week to put under the tree. You need a gift that makes a statement. One that shows just how much you care and appreciate her.

When it comes to the treasured ladies in your life, the best way to dazzle them is with just that — dazzlers. Leave them stunned with the most remarkable jewels and gems, set in shining gold.

That means unique textures, elegant chokers, sparkling diamond rings, bracelets studded with glinting cabochon emeralds and geometric, eye-catching dangle earrings.

Luckily for you, the largest modern, estate and antique fine jewelry store in the Southern United States happens to be located in Houston. You can go to Tenenbaum Jewelers and get special gifts that will wow. There are a whole array of them to chose from. It’s real sparkle without the usual jewelry store intimidation factor.

It all starts out with a seamless shopping experience with true  jewelry experts, leading up to that moment you present the present — that split second where your loved one’s jaw drops before they start to beam.

Tenenbaum has been wowing clients for 45 years now, and while they boast the finest in classics, they are always offering all-new, timeless stunners this season.

Tenenbaum now brings Buccellati, meticulously crafted Milanese marvels.

The Italian techniques behind this jewelry line were born centuries ago. In fact, Buccellati’s techniques are borrowed from five centuries of stunning Italian art. This jewelry house is all about creating objects of rare beauty.

Using traditional approaches with new and contemporary designs, Buccellatti makes what’s old new again. This determination to do something timeless and unique sets Buccellatti apart from its competitors — and makes it a perfect fit for Tenenbaum.

Three Ways to Stun

Three distinct, inimitable collections make up Buccellati’s Tenenbaum turn: the youthful Hawaii Collection, the fine fabric-esque Macri Collection and the lavish Opera Collection.

Hawaiian dreams come true in one fresh, vernal collection. Conceived in the 1930s, tiny gold circles formed of threads are hand-twisted one after another and then intertwined to reveal gorgeous bracelets, pendant earrings, and long and short necklaces.

In one pair of unforgettable earrings, interplaying loops of 18K yellow gold and diamonds cascade down in graceful, linear shapes. In another, 18K yellow gold contrasts the onyx loops woven throughout in an embrace for a bold statement. On the other end, the necklaces can be delicate and dainty, with the thin loops barely brushing one another.

The Macri Collection is revered for its semi-opaque surface, originally designed by Gianmaria Buccellati 40 years ago. This rigato technique produces an exception fabric effect. It’s made by master goldsmiths engraving the entire precious surface stripe by stripe. The pieces are topped off by hand with burins, goldsmithing techniques dating back to Renaissance times.

The pieces are unique and lovingly crafted, and you can tell from afar or face-to-face. The jewelry has a beautiful brushed look, and Buccellati has incorporated patterns made of diamonds set in a variety of different shapes. With the harmonious bezel cuff, it’s almost as though the diamonds are part of an entire unbroken surface, not added elements.


Buccellati’s Opera Collection truly sings. The House’s logo element serves as the inspiration, with lavish new nuances. Contrasting stones like onyx and mother-of-pearl add drama. Lapis lazuli adds flair, and turquoise brings an unexpected pop of color against charming rose gold.

Buccellati breathes new life into old techniques, creating imaginative pieces you will cherish forever. Don’t just make your loved one smile — give them a memory (and a dazzler) that will last forever.

Scroll through some of the special pieces in the Buccellati collection in the photo sliders above and below this story.

For more information, go to or visit the showcase boutique at 4310 Westheimer Road.

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