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Walk a Mile in SJP Collection

BY // 10.23.14

“Okay, you can go in now,” Sarah Jessica Parker’s assistant said, quickly ushering me in. Deep breathes, Anna, pull it together.

She got us through our tumultuous boy problems, tempted us inadvertently into buying that fabulous pair of shoes we definitely couldn’t afford and now she’s offering you a little piece of Carrie (ahem Sarah Jessica Parker) every where you go. Pretty much one and the same as her TV personality, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, she’s everything you’d hope she’d be and more: down to earth, sassy and oh so chic. Her line, SJP Collection, embodies a true lady-like elegance, sure to land any girl in shoe heaven. Italian made, impeccably designed and at a price point the every day girl can realistically obtain, what more could a girl ask for?

“Oh my gosh, the ‘Carrie’! I love them!” SJP shrieked. While grasping her heart in one fluid motion, her eyes immediately met my feet, where her SJP Collection Carrie‘s resided. Pinch me.Sarah Jessica Parker Meets Customers During SJP Collection Event At Nordstrom Houston Galleria

Anna Schuster: Has your relationship with George Malkemus (CEO of Manolo Blahnik) and Nordstrom been everything you had hoped it be? What’s a behind-the-scenes moment you can share with us?

Sarah Jessica Parker: In my mind, George was always my dream partner. Being given the opportunity to work with him on this collection has been thrilling and rewarding. A true privilege. And I cannot say enough wonderful things about Nordstrom. They have an incredibly impressive history in the shoe business, as well as a remarkably educated sales staff. Truly a dream retailer.Sarah Jessica Parker Meets Customers During SJP Collection Event At Nordstrom Houston Galleria

AS: Congrats on the nomination for Rookie of the Year Style Award at the Social Media Awards. Has social media played a part in influencing you and/or your designs?

Holiday Gifting

  • Mariquite Masterson
  • Loeffler Randall - Clutch
  • Mariquite Masterson
  • Cle Du Peau - Lip Gloss
  • Cle Du Peau - Nail Polish
  • Casa di Lino
  • Nocturne Studio
  • Oscar De La Renta - Earrings
  • Bond No 9 - Perfume
  • Oscar De La Renta - Clutch
  • Bond No 9 - Candle
  • Loeffler Randall - Shoes

SJP: I’m still a bit new to social media, but it has been fun world to explore. I love that it provides another opportunity to interact with the customer. I am always reading through comments, questions and concerns and I make an honest effort to genuinely respond to as many as I can.

AS: Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

SJP: I am constantly inspired by the photos women send to me. Seeing how someone chooses to wear a certain shoe or bag and wondering, why didn’t I think of that?

AS: Any last words? What do you want us to leave knowing about the collection?

SJP: I want women to know that this collection will be constantly growing and expanding, with new colors, designs and styles each season. I am involved in every single aspect of the business, and I am listening to all of your feedback. My dream from the start was to provide women with shoes that were not only beautiful but would last them their entire lifetime, and I’m so delighted that we have been able to do that with this collection.

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