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Alive and Well is a One-Stop Sanctuary for Peak Dallas Wellness

The New Clinic is a Holistic Ecosystem With Cutting Edge Versions of Popular Treatments

BY // 06.14.24

“If we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it in the most cutting edge, efficacious, and bioavailable way possible,” Liz Swail shares as she guides us through Alive and Well, a holistic wellness center that just opened within the buzzy Terminal at Katy Trail. The 8,500-square-foot second-floor space is a labyrinth of luxurious modern aesthetics and soothing clean lines, with ultra-high-end equipment around every corner. From the red light bed to a hyperbaric chamber, everything is “the Ferrari of” something. Billed as “a complete wellness ecosystem,” Alive and Well, which also features a compounding pharmacy, may be the most comprehensive functional medicine destination in Dallas. 

It’s been a long time coming. Liz Swail and her husband Michael co-founded Alive and Well in the Texas Hill Country in 2019. Michael’s father is the founder of Peoples Rx, a pioneering independent pharmacy with locations around Austin. Michael first felt called to join the family business after witnessing widespread unwellness during his career on Wall Street. Now, Alive and Well is his own vision of the holistic healthcare Peoples Rx helped introduce to Texas. This spring, they opened up a more boutique version of the concept in Boulder, Colorado, but the Dallas Alive and Well, which has been in the works for well over a year and finally opened on May 20, 2024, is the most expansive yet.

Let’s break it down.

Meditation in the Frequency Dome at Alive and Well
InHarmony meditation cushions in the Frequency Dome.

The Frequency Dome

There are numerous treatment rooms and areas in Alive and Well Dallas, but the facet primed to grab the most attention is the Frequency Dome. The grand, rounded room will host vibroacoustic therapy, a treatment that may help with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and anxiety. The space is lined with luxe Walden meditation mats for guided breathwork classes and inHarmony Meditation Cushions for solo vibing with headphones. 

It’s a room poised for psychedelic experiences. “We’re getting a projector that will hopefully make this feel like a small version of The Sphere in Las Vegas,” Liz adds. 

The alive and well pharmacy in Dallas
The retail section of Alive and Well Dallas’ compounding pharmacy in The Terminal at Katy Trail.

The Compounding Pharmacy and Functional Medicine Clinic

Much like Peoples RX in Austin, Alive and Well can compound medications with alternative ingredients for patients with allergies or specific needs, while working closely with healthcare providers to ensure their results are as safe and efficacious as possible.  

The new Dallas pharmacy also specializes in hormone replacement therapies and pediatric care, which clients can learn more about during a deep dive with a provider in the functional medicine clinic. Alive and Well offers testing for thyroids, food sensitivities, microbiomes, mycotoxins, and beyond to help proactively address diseases. 

“Every test that you can think of for wellness and functional medicine, we do that,” Liz notes.

The IV Treatment room in Alive and Well Dallas overlooks the Katy Trail
Alive and Well Dallas’ IV treatment room is lined with comfortable seating that overlooks the Katy Trail.

The IV Room

Though the Frequency Dome may grab attention, the IV Treatment Room could easily become the most popular spot in Alive and Well. (Along with one of the strongest arguments for membership.) Plush recliners face a wall of glass overlooking the Katy Trail, and visitors can score a variety of IV therapies to target fatigue or inflammation, optimize gut health, or aid recovery. A menu of quick peptide-packed shots (ranging from $35 to $45) includes “Hair + Skin + Nails” and “Immunity and Mood.” IV drips start around $200 for the “Classic” concoction and can go all the way up to $1,000 for the “Million Dollar Drip,” which features a bespoke mix of vitamins and minerals Alive and Well likens to the Fountain of Youth. 

Stop by for Happy Hour (2 pm to 5 pm) on Tuesdays and Thursdays for half-price vitamin shots and 30% off peptides. It’s a unique thrill to witness Katy Trail passersby as you recline and revive.

A sitting area in alive and well dallas on the katy trail
A Tranquility Lounge in Alive and Well Dallas overlooking the Katy Trail.

The Aesthetics Room

One way the Dallas outpost of Alive and Well differs from the Austin original is the addition of aesthetic treatments like lasers, Botox, and filler. (The city is one of the country’s biggest markets for injectables.) Other aesthetic treatments include Ionix medical grade microcurrent facials, DermaShape lymphatic therapy, and CryoStar face and body sculpting sessions.

An alive and well treatment room
Alive and Well offers a variety of soothing massages and other wellness treatments.

More Wellness Treatments at Alive and Well

Endless doors in the halls of Alive and Well reveal different dedicated treatment spaces. There’s a room for acupuncture, massages, hyperbaric oxygen chambers (Sechrist 3600Hs, no less), red light therapy, and colon hydrotherapy. Within the lushly appointed men’s and women’s locker rooms, you can indulge in the sauna before taking a plunge in the hot and cold tubs. 

With so much available, it can be difficult to know where to start. After some studying, it seems the best way to dip your toes into Alive and Well’s vast pool of healing modalities is the “Dallas Day Pass.” The $59 pass offers access to the locker room’s sauna and hot/cold plunge, the tranquility lounge, and breathwork in the Frequency Dome. When you’re done, you can catch a Pilates or yoga class at O2 Dallas, and soon, you’ll be able to grab a bite at Chef Bruno Davaillon’s Le PasSage or a glass of wine at Rose Café

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