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Renowned Doctor Creates a Groundbreaking Institute That Treats Clients Differently — J. Flowers Health Institute Takes on the Difficult Issues With Concierge Care

Doctor James Flowers and Robbin Mooney Believe Every Client Deserves Special Treatment

BY // 11.23.20

During his 30-year career in health care, Dr. James Flowers has been guided by his calling to help others improve their lives. This led him to open an institute committed to defining the future of whole-person health and wellness.

J. Flowers Health Institute was founded from the need for individuals to receive a proper diagnosis before the treatment of a health condition. These expert, accurate diagnoses allow for the most effective treatment possible, particularly for hard-to-diagnose conditions like chronic pain and mental health, which makes all the difference in the healing and long-term quality of life of the individual.

Dr. Flowers co-founded J. Flowers Health Institute with Robbin Mooney, who serves as chief development officer, to find a better way to address a person’s overall health. Their mission centers around finding a truly seamless approach that results in extraordinary care.

The J. Flowers Health Institute team with Dr. Flowers (seated) and Robbin Mooney (standing).

“Robbin comes from treatment royalty. Her husband’s family founded one of the first freestanding addiction treatment specialty hospitals in the country many years ago,” Flowers says. “Robbin has over 20 years of experience in this industry and has worked with some of the top behavioral health centers in the world, including Crossroads Centre Antigua (Eric Clapton’s program in the Caribbean).”

The Institute diagnoses all kinds of conditions relating to an individual’s health. The list includes the physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, social and intellectual aspects of a client’s life. It’s way more than just looking for glaring problems on a bloodwork panel and writing prescriptions. The idea of J. Flowers Health Institute is to treat the whole person, not to simply put on a band-aid and send a patient back out on their own.

“We like to say we assess and evaluate with a Living MRI. Our clients leave feeling like they have a clear understanding of their diagnosis and feel like they have a clear path to wellness,” Flowers says.

The Institute focuses on whole-person health and wellness.

The concept of “Concierge Health Care” is on the rise. “There are a lot of wonderful programs out there that are very clinical,” Flowers says. “However, we see that clients can have a negative response to sterile, clinical environments.

“From the moment of arrival at the Institute, we make every arrangement to ensure our clients’ stay with us is seamlessly productive. We chauffeur our clients to and from their luxurious accommodations and private appointments with our team. We coordinate all services, collect medical records and more.”

Many clients are confused about their health care, their diagnosis, and their options. With a traditional multidisciplinary approach, it is often left up to the patient to navigate and coordinate his/her own care. Managing communication among different doctors and working with their different specialty clinics and hospitals can be daunting. Worst of all, it can lead to critical oversights and misdiagnosis.

Did one specialist get the diagnostic results from the other’s office? Can you schedule your own doctor’s appointments in a timely manner, or will you be placed on the waiting list for six months or more just trying to get in? Does this doctor’s prescription have adverse effects when combined with that doctor’s prescription?

The proper diagnosis leads to a precise treatment strategy.

If you’ve ever tried to coordinate your own care or that of a loved one, you know just how difficult it can be. At J. Flowers Health Institute, no detail is left to chance, and the Concierge Health Care model makes it all seamless. They coordinate your care with the brightest minds in all facets of health care and research at the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

“We collaborate to form a clear diagnosis, and to develop the roadmap to optimal health,” Flowers says. “What normally takes weeks to months to get in front of top specialists, typically takes only one to two days for J. Flowers Health Institute clients.”

“A clear diagnosis is the key to the most effective treatment, and we deliver that at J. Flowers Health Institute,” Mooney says. “Our programs are tailored for the busy schedules of executives and professionals, adolescents and young adults, as well as individuals with highly complex cases.”

Mooney says their other areas of true expertise range from detoxification programs to wellness and restoration programs, and from understanding the nuanced needs of adolescents and young adults, to adults with complex health conditions.

J. Flowers Health Institute offers a concierge, one-on-one approach.

Often, it is more comfortable for a client to be in a smaller, more private environment during detoxification. A board-certified addiction specialist leads the staff in closely monitoring the client’s medication needs, vital signs, nutritional intake and sleep patterns throughout the entire process.

Wellness and restoration programs are individually designed to improve overall mental, emotional and physical wellness. The Institute delivers clear answers to the complex health conditions of young individuals and their families, while specialized diagnostic evaluation programs include those designed for Impaired Professionals, such as pilots, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other professionals and executives.

J. Flowers Health Institute delivers the future of health care with an uncompromising approach to whole-person health and wellness.

To learn more about how J. Flowers Health Institute can help you or a loved one reach optimal health, visit You can reach the Institute’s concierge team directly by calling 281-971-3448 or by emailing