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10 Rainy Day Fashion Essentials for Women

Make Your Style Weatherproof

BY // 11.07.18

Rain, it’s yet another excuse to go shopping. So, with that in mind head to Highland Park Village or simply fall into a Mytheresa or Net-a-Porter hole in search of some of the following items:

1). First off, the basics must include some wellies for splashing about in puddles and channeling your inner Morton Salt Girl. Might I suggest the Holy Grail — Hunter.

2). Well, perhaps two pairs of wellies are better than one.

3).  A little Chanel will always be a pick-me-up for inclement weather somberness. If you aren’t feeling a good hair day, then opt for a girl-on-the-go hat.

4).  An umbrella can do double duty to shield your Bergdorf’s blow-out from ruin and also be used as a weapon if some hoodlum in a dark alley (maybe that narrow little passageway next to Tom Ford in Highland Park Village) attempts to steal your Birkin bag.

5). I can’t forget a sturdy trench looks equally beyond chic draped over your shoulders when wearing a Dior frock or Emilia Wickstead herringbone suit.

6). Sunglasses? Yes, even with darkened skies its good to have a pair when you need an Anna Wintour moment front row during fashion week.

7). Don’t chance ruining your suede Gucci tote, instead go with a slicker handbag that can weather a monsoon.

8). You might say a Gucci grosgrain bow does nothing to protect you from drizzling skies, but I say who cares? Wear it simply to bring a smile to all you might encounter on your afternoon errands. Whether it be a run to Central Market to pick-up 30 cheese trays for your garden club meeting or retrieving your daughter from archery practice (it’s good for her to have out-of-the-box extracurriculars to stand out from the pack when interviewing at Vassar).

9). Tom Ford “Fucking Fabulous” lip color. Your handbag needs to be filled with an arsenal of products for a refresh in the bathroom at Christie’s when you have no time to run home before an auction preview. Particularly when you have your eye on a Gerhard Richter painting that would look sublime in your Jackson Hole home.

10.) An Hermes Craft stole. Keep the silk scarves at home as they might get soiled when wet. Instead, go with a cashmere option that can weather the weather and still look appropriate for day or evening.

Unless you can walk in-between the raindrops, then I suggest you formulate a plan tout suite. Is there a Girl Scout merit badge for “rain-preparedness?”

For the men out there wanting some advice on water repellent items to add to your wardrobe, click here.

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