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TXDW Houston — Dragons, Pagodas and All Things Chinoiserie

With Aldous Bertram at Found

BY // 07.27.22

School is in session! For the final event of Texas Design Week Houston, guests came with notebooks, pens, and cocktails in hand for a master class on dragons, pagodas, and all things chinoiserie led by the eternally charming Aldous Bertram. Designer, illustrator, and art historian Bertram — who holds a Ph.D. from Trinity at Cambridge on the historical influence of China on English garden design and architecture — shared knowledge and gorgeous images from his book Dragons & Pagodas: A Celebration of Chinoiserie (Vendome), which is filled with stunning imagery, as well as delightful illustrations by Bertram himself.

The tome has quickly become a must-have for interior design insiders and chinoiserie enthusiasts alike. Found proprietor Ruth Davis was on hand as guests shopped the stunning assortment of home goods, chinoiserie included. Aldous, we can’t get enough. Some ideas for your next book: All Things Blue and White; How Much Chinoiserie Is Enough? (obviously a trick question); Hand-Painted Wallpaper: A History; and Lusting for Lacquer. You have my card.

PC Seen: Daphne Laplante, Linley Stroud, David and Peggy Matthews, Kat Matthews, Austin Estes, Devon Liedtke, Michael Mandola, Sari Imber, Lexi Killion, Diandra Anwar, Dolores Cavatore, Karen Sachar, Sandra Lucas, Abbi Parker, Emmy Davis, Carol Isaak Barden, Neill Davis, Callie and Dillon Baker, Gilbert Blattner, Vinicius Kobylko, Tereza Blattner, Shannon Smith, Blair Ushnick, Silvana Batllori, Martha Duhne, Paola Neri, Courtney Hill Fertitta, Kristy Geary, AJ Bogs, Mimi Williams, and Bret Duhon.

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