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A Blue Print to an Arty Future: Dallas Furniture Store Opens Up a Gallery Next Door

BY Marquel Plavan // 05.02.18
photography Marquel Plavan

What: Blue Print Store opens its anticipated Blue Print Gallery

Where: Blue Print Gallery

PC Moment: Stylish furniture boutique Blue Print Store celebrated the opening of its brand-new contemporary art gallery this month. The house-turned-gallery beside Blue Print Store may be a separate structure, but the unified artistic vision resonates throughout both buildings seamlessly.

Linked together by the vibrant reception in the neighbors’ joint backyard, both the store and the new gallery were invigorated with a colorful aesthetic sure to invoke feelings of springtime.

Curated by Lauren Zogg, the gallery features the work of more than 50 artists from across the world, and includes several different mediums. The opening reception featured four artists: Charles Patrick, Mary Rountree Moore, Rick Beck and Marilla Palmer. From paper butterfly sculptures, to landscape painters, to glass sculptures, to pressed foliage, to embroidery, the gallery displayed a multitude of treasures.

“Creativity takes courage,” said Henri Matisse (a quote that was proudly printed on the kitchen wall of the gallery), and the statement was reflected in each of the featured pieces.

A performance of country singer Deryl Dodd, a food truck, Cotton Smith cotton candy and an open bar added to the night. Blue Print’s owners – Cynthia Collins of Collins Interiors (who donned a mural-esque skirt for the event – a work of art in itself), Leslie Jenkins of Jenkins Interiors, Caroline Eastman of Eastman Interiors, Carrie Jane Pogoloff of Blue Print Interiors, and Lucy Ward with Collins Interiors – are clearly committed to the growing Dallas art scene.

Who: Blue Print owners, Cynthia Collins of Collins Interiors, Caroline Eastman of Eastman Interiors, Leslie Jenkins of Jenkins Interiors, Carrie Jane Pogoloff of Blue Print Interiors and Lucy Ward with Collins Interiors, country singer Deryl Dodd.

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