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2020’s Color of the Year is Classic, But is it Too Basic?

Get Ready for a Flood of Blue


It’s an annual tradition around the new year and Pantone’s already chosen the 2020 Color of the Year — Classic Blue. The soothing hue of blue is supposed to represent dependability and trustworthiness. In contrast to last year’s Color of the Year, punchy Living Coral, Classic Blue evokes a sense of stability and calm.

Of course, some critics are already saying Classic is much too “basic” and vanilla to be declared the Color of the Year.

No matter which way you lean on this colorful issue, you can already see the influx of cool Classic Blue in art, runways and in decor. The best part about this particular shade of blue? It is extremely flexible. Need proof? Read on.

Classic Blue in the Home

An example of classic blue in contemporary furniture
An example of classic blue in contemporary furniture. Decker Right Arm Blue Velvet Chaise cb2.com – $1499

In a decor sense, Classic Blue can be used in any room of the house and can be found in rich textures — think velvets and knits —and patterns.

Blue transcends various styles, going from more traditional to ultra modern seamlessly, while also encompassing transitional styles in between. This makes it easily blendable. For example, chinoiserie can be mixed with furniture of contemporary shapes and mid-century modern furniture.

Wall coverings are a great way to add classic blue to your space. Wall Mural – Indigo Plant Cell by Mary Gaspard
Minted.com $440

Classic blue can also be paired with multiple colors depending on what you’re trying to do with your space. Blue can be combined with various warmer shades, like yellows and oranges, but can also be mixed with darker and lighter shades of the blue color family. But, you can’t go wrong with the classic combination of blue and white.

Regardless of what you mix with this particular shade of azure, freshness and tranquility are on tap.

Classic Blue in Fashion

Ulani Pointy Toe Bootie by Marc Fisher – $188.95, Nordstrom

Classic Blue has graced the spring 2020 runways in multiple designers’ shows. Balenciaga, Marni, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera have all made nods to the calming hue.

Luckily, blue clothing can be found in most seasons and is flattering for almost every skin tone and hair color. Classic blue is perfect for the work wardrobe as psychologists have found that it puts others at ease and puts forth a trustworthy vibe. I love the shade in feminine shapes and cheeky accessories — blue suede shoes, anyone?

Jaylee Dress in Royal Blue – $248, Reformation

Another huge trend we’re seeing is evil eye jewelry, said to ward off evil spirits. Bloomingdales has its own line of high-end evil eye jewelry in classic blue to keep good energy headed a wearer’s way.

Whether it be in the home or in your wardrobe, Classic Blue is a sure bet in 2020. Here’s hoping that your new year is as calm and reliable as the new Color of the Year is.

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